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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

FLOWER GARLAND: c/o BeauxoxoDRESS: c/o Kee BoutiqueTOTE: Forever 21SOCKS: ASOS (similar) • BOOTS: Forever 21

Hello, it's been forever! March was one of the busiest months I've ever experienced and also one of the best - but more on that later! A not so great part of March was finding out my grandfather had a large aortic aneurysm on his heart in addition to two major blockages in his heart valves. Suffice to say, we were all very scared leading up to the operation. The surgery went well - and then my grandmother over worked herself and needed some extra medicine for her heart…! (Does anybody else's grandmothers' try to do everything herself and won't accept help from her children/grandchildren let alone listen to them?! Eek) But anyway, they are both recovering nicely and my family and I have been helping them along the way to a full recovery!

I was finally able to shoot some pictures at my grandparents' house the other day, and it's a good thing because I have been itching to share this outfit!

This smock dress by Kee Boutique is absolutely darling and I am smitten with the muted, dusky rose hue. I have long admired Keely's lovely handmade dresses, and this beautifully made frock has been a dream to prance around in! Keely was also generous enough to give me a 20% off coupon code for you! Simply enter "mermaidens" at checkout ♥

I paired it with this beautiful pastel flower garland Miss Georgie from Beauxoxo sent me as part of one of the most jaw-droppingly generous and thoughtful parcels I have ever received (which also included my new favorite lipstick, Topshop's Whimsical, which I am wearing here)! This is the first time I've worn one of Georgie's pieces after oohing and ahhing over their online store for a year or two and it's even more beautiful in person! I hope to be able to start a collection of these dainty garlands soon because I am in love

How cute is this Forever 21 tote? I really, really love the convenience of tote bags for the days I want to carry around some books with me and I cannot resist cute cats and such a good price!

Plus, my pink boots have been perfect for navigating the Spring Oregon rain showers - you might even catch me splashing in puddles like a five year old in these… *cough*

My cousin Mikayla (and me being a ham ;3) - an incredibly thoughtful, hardworking, strong, and caring person I have ever met and gorgeous to boot ;__; <3 Very lucky to have her in my life!

See you very soon! ♥


  1. That garland is amazing! :) It goes so well with your hair :D And I love the last photo :)


  2. Your outfit is so adorable, I love the cut of that dress - it's perfect! Good to hear your grandparents will be okay :)

  3. Great outfit! I love this sort of dusty pink. It's like a dream...

    I'm so glad to hear your grandparents are recovering. (And their place is certainly a nice backdrop for your photos).

  4. Your are lovely as always! :)


  5. Wuv wuv wuv that dress and those boots! I've been looking for some cute combat boots that don't have the Dr. Martin's price tag, yikes!

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

  6. Beautiful dress, you look great :) So glad to hear your grandparents are doing well.
    Rosie x
    Every Word Handwritten

  7. Beautiful outfit, the dress and bag are so cute! Hope your grandparents are okay too =^_^=
    Emma xo thewallflowerwardrobe.blogspot.co.uk

  8. Your Garland and dress and shoes are wonderful!!

  9. Swooning over that dress and those shoes! Lovely as always :)

  10. You're such a cutie Kailey!!
    I love this outfit!!
    I'm so sorry to hear of family + health problems!! I'm glad to hear, though, that things are getting better!! xoxoxo

  11. Hey cutie! I love your adorable outfit and seeing your gorgeous face pop up on my dash. <3 xoxo

  12. You look so cute! The pink dress is perfect <3 Sorry to hear about your grandparents, I hope they are doing much better now!

  13. You look picture perfect in pink, I love this whole outfit! So glad to hear your grandparents are doing well too <3

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  14. You look so cute! :D and your cousin is pretty too :)
    Also sorry to hear about your grandparents, so glad that they are doing better :)
    My gran is exactly the same with those kind of situations too.


  15. pastel pink dr martens are sooo cute!

  16. love your boots! generally loving the pink outfit


  17. beautiful outfit! glad to hear your grandparents and doing better xo

  18. That must have been hard to deal with, but glad that your grandparents are doing better. You are just too cute in this all pink ensemble :)

  19. You look adorable, very partial to tote bags usually have to get one when I go on holiday as tacky gift to myself x

  20. This whole outfit is awesome! I especially love the garland, it is super cute. :)
    I hope you have a lovely day :)
    the Earth through a Lens

  21. I love this outfit! The pink dress and the shoes look awesome together. I'm in need of that bag.. xx


  22. You are seriously the cutest, Kailey! I've been meaning to ask you this, but what hair dye do you use???

  23. You are the word beautiful and every synonym to it, Kailey!
    xx Maria

  24. Ugh you absolute angel! Love these photos, this dress, and the flowers. So glad your grandparents are doing well!


  25. ahhhhh soooooo cute!! hearts for eyes right now for sure. also, super glad your grandparents are doing better now. <3

    at this volume

  26. So beautiful! xxx


  27. You look so awesome! I just love this smock dress and the pretty dusty rose color. Your floral crown looks perfect with it and I'm loving your boots too.
    So glad your grandpa is doing better!

  28. I adore all of your photos, you always look so cute and put together! The shoes are my favorite, I am loving all things pink right now ^-^

    boho vanity ♡

  29. I love seeing new posts from you! March has been busy for me as well and we've had some bad things happening too so I can totally relate to you on that. I'm glad your grandparents are getting better though :) You look incredible in pink and your cousin has a pretty cool style as well, her tights are adorable <3

    Chamomile Dealer

  30. You're so cute and beautiful!!
    You look so natural in all these shots
    Everything pink! I love it and the cats too <33
    I love how adorable you look in the dress and the boots.
    Boots with dresses are definitively something I want to rock into!

    I'm glad that your family is doing well. Stay strong girl ^^

  31. I love this dusky rose hue, as well. And those boots!!!

    So sorry to hear about your grandparents. My grandparents are so dear to me, and have had health problems in the past, so I know how you must have felt. I'm glad they are ok now, though! <3<3

  32. ahh, you look so cute! you always do though :)

    and i'm really sorry to hear about your grandparents, but i hope they're both recovering well. i've had a lot of hard stufff happen with my grandparent's health over the last few years, including losing my grandmother and it's one of those things that's so difficult to talk about because it's so heartbreaking and there's just nothing you can do about it. but it's great that your family is all rallying together and getting through it, i'm sure both of your grandparents will be back in full spirits and good health in no time. :)

    little henry lee

  33. That dress is so perfect. Thankyou for introducing me to Kee Boutique. Another online store to lust over from a poor, moneyless distance haha.


  34. You look so gorgeous , great job !


  35. The boots! <3 Well everything about this outfit real. You and your cousin are so cute xx

  36. oh my god how i love your candycotton hair! would kill for it :)


  37. Oh my, I'm sorry so to hear about your grandparents. At least they seem to be on the mend now, I hope they get back to good health soon (or as good as possible).

    Super cute tote too!

  38. I'm so glad to hear your grandparents are recovering, and I am sending my well-wishes to you and your family!
    I love the simplicity of your outfit, and the pinks that match so perfectly with the lovely shade of blue from the house ❤

  39. Best wishes for your grandparents and family, Kailey! Hope you're doing okay xo

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  40. That dress is just so perfect - I love the color on you!

    And the cousins pictures are the best- my cousin and I do that too. So many scenes we cause.

    Thinking of your family - things like that are always scary!


  41. I love that outfit. So very adorable, especially that bag!!

  42. I've been creaping around your blog for quite a bit. You have amazing content and I absolutely adore your style. You look great in all your photos. We'll on another note hope your family keeps on doing well. Stop by my blog if you'd like id really appreciate it. I'm a newbie. Btw where did you find that adorable pink heart mirror it's awesome^.-

  43. I want your docs, you look pretty cute


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