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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

DRESS: c/o Love That Lingers SHOES: c/o TUK Footwear PURSE: Vintage, gift from Marlena

Lately I've been knee-deep in researching 60s fashion - the white stockings, pointy flats, and dresses ranging from mod baby-doll styles to frocks with details leftover from the 50s - it all makes my heart sing! I've been trying to incorporate more genuine 50s-80s vintage pieces into my wardrobe - enter Love That Lingers, a darling vintage shop on etsy that specializes in the very best pieces from a wide variety of decades!

Run by the equally darling Dawn, she was kind enough to send me this stunning 60s yellow dress. I don't own many long, figure hugging dresses - but this dress definitely makes me want more! It is so beautiful, with floral detailing and a precious bow in the back - I definitely felt like a princess! Dawn has a similar dress to this in a vibrant aqua hue - I highly recommend snatching it up before it's gone!

Do you have any beloved vintage pieces in your wardrobe? I wanna hear all about em! *3*


  1. Omg, that purse! It looks great with your outfit and I want it! xx


  2. So extremely pretty! Really adore the bag, just the absolute sweetest. I love finding dreamy vintage clothes, there is something just so special about them. xx

  3. Lovely look!


  4. So pretty! Most (All?) of my vintage items are a number of things that belonged to my parents. I have a lace trimmed petticoat that was vintage even when my mother first got it, it's probably from the 50's or 60's! I don't wear it much because i really need to replace the elastic in the waistband. I have a flannel shirt that I stole from my Dad and I wear it all the time because it's the most comfortable thing ever. 50's and 60's dresses are always so expensive so I tend to stick to vintage reproduction (Collectif is my favorite at the moment) and making my own dresses with vintage/vintage inspired patterns.


  5. You look so perfect !
    I'm totally in love with your purse.


  6. such a beauty! xo


  7. I love this dress, I have very few vintage items but coincidentally half of them are yellow

  8. ♥♥♥♥
    you look stunning kailey!!
    60s maxi dresses are one of my favorite things!!!

  9. flawless!


  10. This dress is so beautiful.<3 the style and color reminds me of my mom when she was younger.

    Vegetarian Courtesy

  11. omg I love your mermaid shell purse with this dress- and your lipstick is perfect it matches your hair so well Kailey! <3_<3


  12. I really like your outfit, great colours for you! :)


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