The First Mermaidens Baking Project

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I'M WEARING: Mimili top (*), American Apparel Jeans NEL IS WEARING: Mimili dress (*), F21 cardigan

Haphazard mishaps in the kitchen have led me and my sister to fear attempting any serious baking. Seeing HP’s x360 Behind The Scenes video, where several artists collaborate on an interactive music video, was so inspiring - and reminded me that taking creative chances with others can lead to exciting, unexpected results! I highly recommend watching this innovative video if you are in need of inspiration!

Itching to work on a creative collaboration myself - I turned to my sister Nel, who I've wanted to appear on Mermaidens for ages but never been able to talk her into appearing on my blog until now! When thinking about what it would look like if we were to bend the rules like they did in the video, the first thing we thought of was taking on a baking project that would intimidate us! We grew up loving mermaids and sea-life as children, so doing an elaborate aquatic cake was the kind of thing we would have loved to do when we were young.

We baked two confetti cakes, stacked them, and frosted with a sea-foamy blue-green to represent the ocean. I then used my HP x360 laptop as a tablet to scour Pinterest for inspiration - we were immediately taken by pearlescent accents like seashells and candies. Putting the cake together, I got more and more excited and our ideas became more elaborate - like arranging strawberry Pocky to suggest coral reefs!

The cake turned out much better than we thought and much closer to our original vision than any other previous baking attempts! My sister and I really play off each other well, and we both loved the end result! It even tasted amazing…! <3 What was your biggest baking project?

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  1. oooooh this looks fun and your top is to die for and that cake is delish! (:

    xoxo, rae

  2. oh my!!! this looks so scrumptious!!! i adore the theme!!!! ps you & your sister are both so beautiful!!! ^.^

  3. Aghh the cake came out wonderfully X I love the aquatic theme you went with :)

    Caitriona | Blog

  4. This is such a cute sister collaboration, and what a gorgeous cake you made! Your adorable pastel aesthetic translates beautifully to everything you touch, food included. :)

  5. This post is like vintage perfection! I love the pastel colours and mermaid-esque shells used :)

  6. Ahhhh, so cute! Looks fantastic. <3 The pocky idea is pretty genius. :3

  7. THAT CAKE. Such a sweet post.

  8. PRECIOUS. I'm so happy to see bb Nel :'') your cake turned out so pretty, i especially love how the candies look on top. As far as my biggest baking project a few years ago I wanted to make my mother a chocolate cake from scratch for her birthday. It came out pretty good, i recall eating a lot of it myself heh heh.
    -mozelle (nancy)

  9. Wonderful cake and shooting!

  10. This is just the coolest cake that ever was. It reminds me of the cake my dad made for my mermaid themed birthday party when I was a kid :P How did you track down food colouring in seafoam colour? It's glorious!
    You've definitely inspired me to get baking! :D
    Big hello from Cornwall, England, (I'm a new reader) :)
    Sarah xxo |

  11. this cake looks so amazing Kailey omg, you're both incredible <3
    soo glad you talked your sister into appearing on your blog! :)

  12. So, so pretty! Love these pics!! Alex

  13. AHHH! I just adore this! You two did such a lovely job together...

  14. so fabulous and creative! so so on-point for your content, and that cake is simply too cute to eat. masterpiece status :)
    xx Sarah
    Russian Dressing

  15. Loveliest mermaid cake I've ever seen! You are your sister are the sweetest :)

    ♡ Dulce

  16. The colours of that cake are straight from the mermaid land!
    Your sister is so cute <3

  17. oh my god the cake looks INCREDIBLE! x

  18. I LOVE this!! You've so inspired me.. I need to make a mermaid cake ASAP. So cute. What were the little seashells made of? Gum paste? I have a major crush on those flamingo pants and pink crop top. le sigh... I want but of course they seem to be all sold out. #fashionobsessed

    Regina | Margarita Bloom |
    Retro Vintage Skincare & Beauty
    INSTAGRAM: @margaritabloom

  19. That cake is amazing! I would have never been able to make that! and such pretty colours too. <3

  20. I am OBSESSED with this cake!! I might try to make my own for my birthday.... probably won't end up looking nearly as perfect as this one though!

    xo Sarah


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