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Monday, January 18, 2016

Pins on Parade
Who else is absolutely loving the influx of enamel pins lately? They are such a darling way to add a little pizazz to your look, PLUS it supports your favorite artists! I just had to share my collection and a little wishlist featuring some of the amazing artists I follow!

My collection is mostly made up from pins from two of my very favorite shops: Rosehound Apparel and Darling Distraction! Oh and those Cinderella pins were an amazing surprise from Kate Gabrielle!

From Rosehound Apparel *
90s Leo, Art Deco Cigarettes, Soda Flower, Cherry Pie, Heart Shaped Tub, Ice Cream Sandwich, Coffee Cup
Rosehound Apparel was kind enough to send me some of their pins, and I was absolutely blown away by how adorable, clever, and well made they are. They are also expanding their shop to have things like cute compacts and I'm super excited!

From Darling Distraction *
Pink and Purple Shells, False Lashes, Strawberry, Distracted Darlings Purple Heart
I was lucky enough to model for Karina's adorable shop (more on that soon!), Darling Distraction in December! She has curated the most precious shop online and in person in Portland, and has quickly become a favorite for when I'm looking for cute, kitschy things ♡

Sailor Moon Crisis Heart Pin by Creepy Gals, Cotton Candy Pin by FeltGoodCo, XL Grapefruit Pin by Big Bud Press, Sparkle Heart by Big Bud Press, Banana Spilt Pin by Abby Galloway, Tuesday Bassen Heart Lolli Pin, Sara M Lyon's Ghost Pin, Unicone by Little Arrow Studio, Rose Pin by Explorers Press, Crescent Moon Pin by Explorers Press, Scully Pin by Robin Eisenberg, Kitty Pin by Darling Distraction

Do you collect pins too? I'd love to hear all about your collection and your wishlist!


  1. Oh my gosh, these are so cute!! I don't collect pins but I want to now and maybe add some to my shop too. That white kitty cat pin is sooo perfect!! It reminds me of my little Princess Lily kitten.

    I want those Cinderella ones, the cotton candy, the heart lolly, and sailor moon pin are at the top of my list. Such a cute post...thanks Kailey!

    Regina | Margarita Bloom Retro Vintage Skincare & Beauty |
    Cherry Lips Blonde Curls | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | GFC | Bloglovin

  2. I love these!! It's almost as if my childhood was turned into cute pins. :))


  3. So many cute pins! Thanks for sharing so many great artists <3
    (Also it must have taken a while to make these images, so thanks!)

  4. cool

  5. So many pretty pins, love the shells and sailor moon pins =]

  6. Ahhh, what a great collection of pins! Your wishlist is equally swoon-worthy... that Unicone pin is just *A*!

    These pins by Chris Uphues & MILKBBI have been at the top of my ~wishlist~ recently (I have a feeling you'll really like these designs too!) ^_^

  7. I want all of these cuties. So very perfect. Adore the grapefruit one the most, the colours are just perfect. x

  8. I've been wanting some quirkier pins for a while now. I've thrifted quite a few and wear them a lot but so many of these are calling my name. Wish that Scully one wasn't sold out!

    Jamie |

  9. Ok, but what about the boy pin, is that Bieber?! lol

    Taylor Two


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