Mermaidens x Casetify

Thursday, April 14, 2016

I am so utterly excited to announce Mermaidens x Casetify! Illustrated by me and available exclusively from Casetify, my first phone case collection centers around some of my favorite things. As somebody who has loved doodling since I could hold a pencil, seeing my own work on phone cases is an unbelievable thrill! I hope you like - and please, tell me which design is your favorite? <3

Strawberry Ice Cream

Box of Chocolates

Mermaid Tail

Heart Donuts


  1. These are adorable! Love the heart donut!

  2. wow, these are so cute! i love the heart donuts and the ice cream designs : ) x

    Lorna | Girl in Albion

  3. Love all of the cases! You did an amazing job! <3

  4. So cute!! I definitely want the heart donut case! <3

  5. These are so sweet and enchanting, like you! I love the mermaid tail and ice cream cones. :-)


  6. These are gorgeous! I love them all but especially the mermaid tail!

    Flower Crowns and Fairytales

  7. They're all beautiful, Kailey. :)
    Strawberry Ice Cream and Box of Chocolates are my favorites!<3


  8. Omg these are beyond perfect, I need the mermaid tail one! <3

  9. Such gorgeous designs- love the collaboration Kailey!

  10. congrats, how exciting! the ice creams and the mermaid tail are my favourites, but these are all super cute! xx

  11. This is awesome!! Congrats on the collab lovely, I think the heart shaped doughnuts one is my favourite. :)

    Jessica -


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