Grammy's Garden

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DRESS: c/o Mod Dolly PURSE: c/o HAT: Forever 21 SHOES: c/o Echo Clubhouse

Howdy! It's been... a while. Lots of things have happened, some good, some pretty bad (thus my absence) - but I'm here and I've missed you!

As you can see, I have bangs now! The plan was to channel Anna Karina circa 1961 - but alas I don't think I've gotten the hang of it quite yet. Any advice for styling bangs? Tehehe.

This is pretty much my ideal summer outfit - a breezy, babydoll smock with eyelet fabric and ruffle sleeves from one of my absolute favorite ladies, Amy over at Mod Dolly! I paired it with a straw boater, pink jellies, and a WATERMELON purse - that even doubles as a cooler oh my goodness *__*

And, as the title of this post suggests, I shot these pictures in my grammy's dreamy garden. It's pretty incredible - not only has she planted her own vegetables, flowers, and fruit - but has nurtured an apple tree and coaxed a grape arbor from what my great grandmother planted years and years ago! I am incredibly thankful I am able to spend a few hours in her garden listening to the twinkling sounds of her foundation and the calming and familiar rhythms + tones of my grandparents' conversations.

Oops, sorry for blathering - I guess I've been craving the opportunity to blather a bit after getting so used to Twitter and Instagram's limited character space... ♡

I truly hope you are having a lovely day, and I'll see you again soon!

(Please excuse my slouching here haha)


  1. Yay! Welcome back! ♥
    I love the bangs and you look as sweet and cute as always! Loving the summer vibes in these photos. ^_^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  2. Oh Kailey, you're the dream girl from Never Never Land. I love your bangs (+ jellies!)

    I'm pretty horrible at styling mine, but I have found that clipping them in place when I'm asleep or need them to look nice the next day work for me. :)

  3. I love the bangs! It's easier to comb them through when they're a little damp; that way you can control the shape they take on once they're dry. :)
    And I'm jealous of your grammy's garden! It's so nice to know how even your great-grandmother cared for it.
    Hope you're feeling better with whatever the last month has brought!<3


  4. Garden looks so lush!! Love those jelly shoes too :)
    ♡ Dulce

  5. In love as always you awesome lil flower. Hope the bad things are stopping (trust me, I empathize) <33

  6. so dreamy as usual

  7. These photos are absolutely lovely and I am very impressed with your grandmother's gardening skills! Also I have already said it but I am just so in love with that bag.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  8. Aww, I love this post! You are just the cutest thing! And that's so, so lovely that your grandma is still cultivating the same grape vine that her mother planted! Both of my grandmas were very into gardening as well. My mum's mother loved flower arranging and my dad's mother had a huge veggie patch a cherry tree in their backyard. :)

  9. Yummy bag!


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