Photo Pendant Choker DIY with the HP Sprocket

Thursday, November 17, 2016

With the holidays fast approaching, I’m already planning what personalized gifts I should make for each of my loved ones - I have always felt that a handmade gift is so much more exciting to receive them a gift card, and always keep that in mind when planning for the holidays!

Enter HP’s mobile printer, Sprocket! This mobile printer connects to your phone and quickly prints out 2 x 3 photos with a sticker backing - truly perfect for diy projects!

I teamed up with HP to share how to make chokers with personalized photo charms - perfect for the upcoming party season!

You Will Need:
- HP Mobile Sprocket Printer
- Photos
- 1 x 1” Clear Domed Glass Circle Cabochon
- 1 x 1” Circle Bezel
- Jump Rings
- Choker Making Supplies
- Adhesive (that dries clear)

1. First things first, create your choker! I used mint and red velvet ribbon and a necklace making kit you can get at any craft store. I first learned how to make chokers a while ago thanks to some incredible choker tutorial videos on Youtube! I also put a jump ring in the middle of the choker.

2. Now, the fun part! Using your Sprocket printer, print out photos from your phone to use as your accent charm. It can be anything from photos of your pet, loved one, to flowers. I’m making these chokers for my mom and grammy, so for my grammy, I printed a photo of her wedding day. For my mother, I printed a cherished photo from her childhood with her own mother!

3. Once you have printed your photo, use a punch or cut the photo into a 1 x 1 inch circle. Peel the sticker paper off the back of your photo, and simply place in the circle bezel.

4. Using a glue that dries clear (I used Modge Podge), affix a 1 x 1” clear glass cabochon.

5. Next, using a new jump ring, attach the photo pendant to the choker.

Ta da, you are done! There you have it - a super easy, personalized choker for your loved one (or for yourself)!

This post was sponsored by HP, but all opinions are my own.


  1. Omg Kailey this is not only a really fun thing to do but it could be such a special gift. I love this idea!

  2. love this diy project Kailey

  3. omg, that hp sprocket is SOOOO NIFTY. I NEED THIS!!!
    it prints out and it's like stickers?? Wtf???? this is a great diy idea too!

    s t y l e b l o g

  4. amazing!!


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