Throwback: Going to the Ballet

Tuesday, December 22, 2020


Decembers always put me in a reminiscing mood, and this year especially has me feeling extra nostalgic while we navigate necessary Covid-19 precautions. Winter itself reminds me of twisted candy cane cookies, snow, and ballet dancers performing Swan Lake and The Nutcracker! I was just thinking about how last year, I got to attend a ballet performance in person for the first time with my friend Jess!

My childhood was spent in awe of ballerinas. Marching straight to the ballet section at the library, I checked out books on ballet positions and biographies on specific dancers over and over again. The DVD player alternated from Center Stage and the Barbie Nutcracker movie. The dichotomy of pointe shoes and tulle skirts, hard work and dedication appealed to me, but I never was able to take lessons. Fast forward to adulthood, and I'm still just as captivated by ballet, but hadn't ever attended one until last year.

It was absolutely magical, being suspended in the story in that theater, watching the story unfold with, by turns, carefully controlled movements or wide leaps of emotion. I was just close enough to be able to hear the faint noise the dancers made when they would land a beautiful jump. This year, the memory is all the more poignant and special, and I wanted to honor the evening with a post, better late then never I hope.

Embarrassingly, I did dress a bit "on the nose" for this. I just love a good theme and wanted to carry out my childhood ballet dreams. Enter, a floaty pink cloud of a dress with balloon sleeves and a nipped in waist that flairs out into a sheer, layered skirt. I paired it with patterned white tights, dainty jewelry, Miu Miu perfume, and pointe shoe inspired flats... I had to!


  1. You look stunning! Your look was on pointe! haha ♥

    I remember watching a performance of the Nutcracker when I was younger and wanted to be a ballerina. I told my parents but they never signed me up :(

    1. Ahh I love the pun ;) Thank you so much Michelle! The Nutcracker is one of my favorite ballets, I can see why you were immediately mesmerized, it must have been amazing to see it in person <3


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