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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"I like fashion when it’s a creative thing, and it’s about expression. when it’s about waking up in the morning and feeling a certain way, and putting clothes on that will support you as an individual."

I just noticed that I don't really have a feature specifically for musicians, so welcome to "Musical Chairs" in which I will be fangirling over various musical artists! Who better to kick of the series then Björk?

Have you ever realized you like an artist, but haven't actually listened to a full album of theirs? For me, it was disturbing to make this realization over Björk after going through my sister's iPod last week, and so I decided to fix this injustice by listening to her 2001 album, Vespertine - and haven't really listened to much else since? Watching her video for Pagan Poety, I was absolutely speechless - her performance was filled with such intense, raw emotion that by the end of the video, I was crying. AND THEN WATCHED IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND CRIED SOME MORE ;_;

I really respond well to musicians who intertwine their music with a highly visual context, and I feel like Björk is the perfect example of the visual and musical going hand in hand in absolute harmony.

"The reason I do photographs is to help people understand my music, so it's very important that I am the same, emotionally, in the photographs as in the music.

Most people's eyes are much better developed than their ears. If they see a certain emotion in the photograph, then they'll understand the music. So instead of having to listen to my album ten times, they'll get it the first time."

She also comes across as being wholly original and fearless - who else recycles a Comme des Garçons dress from a photoshoot and wears it whilst strolling through the neighborhood, goes to balls with Jeremy Scott, wears a dress with Michael Jackson's face in sequins to the Golden Globes, and totes around owl bags?

I notice in popular culture, people are always poking fun at Björk, and it bothers me because I feel that if she was a man, she would be hailed for her genius much more freely. My first exposure to her was not her actual music, but mockery from the press for wearing something different to the Oscars. Björk definitely isn't for everybody, but there is a certain amount of skill and obvious effort that she puts into her work that I feel deserves respect.

Pagan Poetry (please note this video deals with explicit content and you must be over 18 to view this on Youtube)
Venus as a Boy
It's Oh So Quiet

Björkish, All Is Björk, & Bjö

♥, Kailey


  1. oh i love and adore björk, for me she always was more than a singer, she is a real artist in everything she does. love that post darling!

  2. That swan dress is absolutely unforgettable. And Bjork is amazing! Love her style. I also love the layout of your blog! I forgot to comment last time to let you know how amazing it looks :) You did a fabulous job, it's so unique!

  3. I'm very amused by this post!
    Björk is one of my favorite musician and she is a great style icon, I'm so glad that you featured her as the first artist of "Musical Chairs"!!

  4. I liked this post, Björk is such and intense and eccentric artist. Nice one x

  5. irritates me when I see in magazines Bjork in the swan dress and how it became the classical synonym for tacky. In the same magazines Beyonce and her dresses that look like cheap Versace from nineties are queens of style. People just don't get it.
    respect to Björk, she's a real artist not a phony.

  6. She is fearless, fabulous and is true to herself. Ten Porkchop points.

  7. I love the quotes.
    She's a bundle of creative energy;-)

  8. Thankyou for the blog comments, you're very kind. I couldn't really reply properly on there or post on comment on your posts because I'm in college and the internet is filtering certain things, but I'm so chuffed you stumbled upon the Boom tumblr, and have heard of it. Aw xxxx

  9. Oh I agree, if she was a man she would be called a genius! I love her Pagan Poetry music video too - my reaction was very similar to your the first time I heard/saw it. It was very special to me in that point in time to listen to it. Can`t wait to see what other musicians you`ll feature!


  10. She is definitely fearless and I adore her for that.

  11. AHH SHE IS MY FAVOURITE!!!!! Vespertine is one of the best albums of all time, Pagan Poetry and Aurora-beautiful :o...yeh i like this post a lot you can probably tell :D more music posts!

  12. I love "It's Oh So Quiet"- the video too, it is phenomenal!
    I grew to like her thanks to my brother- he's a big fan. I think she's a real artist in the full sense of the word. I was blown away by her performance in "Dancer in the Dark" (I sobbed, non-stop).
    She has a jazz album that's all in icelandic, but it's one of my favourites :)

    1. I agree with this--I couldn't believe she wasn't nominated for an Oscar for Dancer In the Dark. She was AMAZING.

      PS, one of my fave songs of hers is Human Behaviour

  13. shje looks so cute, tbh i havent listened to her music, but i think ill give it a try :) i agree with the male thing, i think women are more scuntinized (is that spelt right?), when they are successful or talented

  14. Holy crap, the swan dress! SO AWESOME. What a babe!

  15. Love her! My roommate has a dvd of a bunch of her music videos and it is so wonderful. Her videos add so much to the music :]

  16. I always wonder if people who love Gaga for her cooky style even know who Bjork is. I mean, all due respect to both, but Bjork is beyond Gaga in terms of amazingness.

    I still think that the perfect definition of love is It's oh so quiet.

  17. interesting post. a great way to introduce Björk to other people.

  18. When I first heard the criticism regarding the swan dress, I was actually surprised. I loved it and still do. I think it's brilliant and clever, much more so than the plain black strapless dresses that other celebrities wear to awards shows.

  19. I love Bjork so much. I was lucky enough to go to Iceland last year and Bjorks music made so much sense after that. She is truly one of the best of her generation :)

  20. I love Bjork. She is so unique, and deserves much more praise than criticism!

  21. yesssss ;_____________;

    I also need that fluffy sweater so I can look more like her!

    And alsooooo your new lay-out is so adorable! I absolutely love it!

  22. yes, björk and purdy fashion... <3 your blogspot!

  23. björk is an absolute genius from her choice in music and fashion i just love her! everything she does feels so authentic to me its some of the artist today who appear all gimmicky !

    I adore björks music videos so much, its more than just creative its art .. i could go on but i am aware that you feel the same! :) great post!

    xx monzie


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