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Personal Style Questionnaire

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

I've been thinking about personal style a lot these days, what it says about us and how it evolves over the years, so when I saw Swedish writing extraordinaire Sandra share this personal style questionnaire a while ago, I thought it would be fun to fill out as well! Read on to hear more about my wardrobe staples, what I wear in my down time, and more.

Song to the Siren

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

DRESS: Valfre * PURSE: Valfre * BARRETTE: Pastel Renaissance *
How can it be that summer is already winding down? I don't think the novelty of basking in a sun drenched living room, with my cat strategically laying in a sun spot, will ever get old. I wore this outfit to a BBQ and I feel like these photos, captured at golden hour, perfectly encapsulate the beautiful summer sunsets I love so much! I''m wearing a dreamy little dress from one of my favorite brands, Valfre.

Favorite Trends for Spring

Thursday, March 14, 2019

NECKLACE: Forever 21 (sold out, similar) DRESS: Evewear *

Spring has almost sprung! Flowers are blooming, and I feel like everybody is shaking off the cold winter and blooming again with them. Spring speaks deeply to my personal style - seeing my feed coming back to life with pastels, florals, fruit print, gingham (oh my!) - makes my heart so full! Here is a catalog of some of my favorite spring trends to get you ready for the new season!

First, I want to talk about this dreamy Evewear dress! It's ticking all the boxes for me to be my stand out Spring piece: a squared neckline and cherry print are at the top of my "favorite spring trends" list. And the little details, including darling buttons, deadstock fabric, and the most darling ruffles at the wrists make me swoon! I paired the dreamy piece with a dainty necklace, red novelty purse, and white sunglasses!


Milkmaid Blouses

Hair Bows



Golden Light

Thursday, December 13, 2018

I'm Wearing... Miss Patina blouse *, ModCloth pinafore *

I have spent the majority of my life feeling inarticulate and not particularly good enough at anything. It was only through blogging that I finally started to feel like maybe I was *good* at something. But if I am, it has only been through making a conscious, dedicated effort to get “good” at things every single day - like taking photos, conceptualizing shoots, writing, editing, etc. And it didn’t just fall into my lap. It has been a culmination of everything I had loved, felt, and was touched by for years. These feelings were always teeming in me - I had to release them. To do these things justice I had to get better at whatever medium I could express them in.

This October, I find myself sitting on a chair and looking into a small crowd of college students. My voice is shaky and cracking a lot, but I’m addressing their questions and making eye contact. I’ve been asked to speak on my experience with fashion marketing for Lena Cavusoglu’s Marketing Management class at Portland State University.

I was scared to death, I made many mistakes. But I knew I had to do this. And afterward, even though I replayed my mistakes in my mind and cringed, students still shook my hand and thanked me for my time, and Lena said she’d love to have me back. With adrenaline coursing through my veins, I smiled back at her and said I would love to. After all, I know how to do better next time. Don’t give up on yourself or your dreams ♡

Photos taken at Burgerville after the talk - I needed french fries after that haha!


Thursday, April 5, 2018

TOP: H&M (sold out, similar) SKIRT: American Apparel BERET: Darling Distraction *
PURSE: Sun Jellies * BOOTS: ASOS (sold out, similar)

For me, this is the perfect Spring outfit! I put it together while shooting this campaign for Revlon, and I'm so in love with every single element! I got the candy striped shirt on sale at H&M last fall, and bought these boots a year ago when my style twin, fellow capricorn, and favorite human Randi shared an adorable outfit post featuring them! I am OBSESSED with the mod vibes they give off and was easily able to wipe them clean after accidentally stepping in mud - phew! Happy Spring!


Thursday, March 15, 2018

COAT: c/o Sincerely Sweet Boutique BERET: c/o Darling Distraction

These photos were taken on a crisp Wednesday afternoon - after a busy and slightly overwhelming past two weeks (but exciting and very rewarding!), I bundled up in my mint coat and took my little brother out to brunch. We visited a new (to us!) cafe nestled downtown and ended up sitting outside since inside was rather cramped - but just as we sat down, the sun burst through the grey clouds and shown down right on us! We had a very tranquil chat over a coffee (for me), hot chocolate (for him), lemon ice water, and an oversized waffle covered in banana, honey, and peanut butter we shared.

It was such a nice change of pace and truly very relaxing - I'm definitely going to have to take him out on more adventures soon!

How darling is this coat? I love the minty shade, faux fur collar, and there is even a little bow in the back - so darling! I paired it with an ice cream clutch and pink beret ❣

Spring Trends: Cherry Print

Monday, February 19, 2018

If may only be February, but my mind is already dreaming of Spring! Though I am not really known for dressing "seasonally" (this gal was wearing pastels in fall... cough), Springtime gives me the perfect excuse to dress in all my favorite things and I'm dreaming of daisies, cherry printed clothing, berets, ribbons, picnics, poetry books and too much blush. Luckily for me, brands seem to be on the same page and I keep finding the cutest cherry print or themed pieces! Here I rounded up some of my favorites...

What spring trends and activities are you excited for?

I'm wearing...
Forever 21 top, Just Peachy beret *, NYX Powder Puff Lippie in Group Love *, NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Rose Petal and Wet n Wild The Princess Daiquiris blush

Saint Valentine's

Friday, February 16, 2018

DRESS: ASOS, LOCKET: F21, SHOES: Charlotte Russe

For Valentine's Day this year I attended a prom event at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (or OMSI), with OkCupid! I got to meet a few of you there and had fun looking at all the exhibits! I bought this pink sheer confection from ASOS for the occasion - I felt like a fluffy pink cloud and I can't get over how pretty these balloon sleeves are... swoon! I paired it with a romantic rose locket and some fluffy flats I scored at Charlotte Russe for only $5 :3

On the way home from OMSI I stopped by a fast food restaurant and ended up snapping a few pictures of my outfit - how gorgeous is that neon sign? I'm a sucker for neon signs and diners with a retro vibe - it always reminds me of Twin Peaks!

Meeting Amanda at the OMSI Event

All in all, I'd say I had pretty great Valentine's Day - filled with hugs, giggles, french fries, and chocolates! What did you do this year?

La Vie en rose

Saturday, January 20, 2018

DRESS: c/o Valfre (get 20% off your first Valfre order with the code "Kailey" 🌹)
BERET: c/o Betty and Veronica COAT: Forever 21
TIGHTS: c/o ModCloth (sold out, similar) SHOES: ASOS (sold out, similar one, two)

Hold me close and hold me fast...

Maybe it's because I'm looking so forward to spring, or maybe it's the rose themed makeup products I'm currently testing (look out for a blog post on that soon!) - but either way, I can't stop humming La Vie en rose! I also thought the term la vie en rose was an apropos way to describe this outfit - with romantic, dusty rose pinks and heart patterned tights, this look is also perfect for Valentine's Day! Then again, I rarely need an excuse for incorporating pink hues, ribbons, hearts, and pom-poms in my wardrobe...

I took these on a rather freezing afternoon * outside an adorable pâtisserie ** and an older gentlemen remarked "I'm cold just looking at you!" 😂 In general I gravitate towards solid colored walls for ootd backgrounds, and while I still like them, I feel like my photos tend to come off a bit sterile and impersonal for this reason - and that is the opposite of what I want! I guess I was trying to make everything look "perfect" - and when you are surrounded by power lines, cars, and trash it makes it difficult - but I'm going to make an effort to challenge myself with new, more interesting locations. Please let me know your thoughts on this, I'd love to get your feedback!

Hope you are having a lovely 2018 so far and I'll see you again soon ♡

* Note the red fingertips
** Can you call a bakery that if it's not in France or Belgium...? Heh

Rewind: Lazy Daisy

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

We are well into November with very few peaks of the sun here in Oregon - but let's rewind a bit to the beautiful sunny, summery day I took these photos! Having just shot a few lookbook images for the lovely Bri at Little Arrow, I took my time amidst the flowers and stunning greenery at the rose garden to get some snaps of my outfit!

This summer my childhood love for denim pieces was reawoken! Slowly I have been finding myself drawn to pieces like high waisted flare jeans and this denim top - it reminds me of balmy summer days as a kid, daisy chains, and spending my afternoons climbing trees. Now, I'm on the hunt for a good pair of high waisted black jeans - I have been eyeing up a pair from R13 👀

I accessorized the look with my go-to bangles from Little Arrow and this super fun Skinnydip London purse that has quickly become my absolute favorite!

TOP: c/o Unique Vintage JEANS: H&M BRACELETS: c/o Little Arrow
DAISY CUP: Urban Outfitters BAG: Skinnydip London

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