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Autumn Goals List

Friday, November 1, 2019

As much as I love seeing the leaves turn dazzling shades of crimson and marigold - time passage always makes me a little sad as we inch closer and closer to the bitter cold of winter. To combat this, I decided to create a list of goals for autumn - and hopefully help take full advantage of the beautiful season!

Bake a Pumpkin Pie
Fall always makes me think of warm spices, pies, and cakes - I feel like it's the perfect season to bake more! And after taking to twitter to lament the intimidating particulars of pie crust and getting so many encouraging replies - I've been feeling more capable of tackling a long time goal of making a pumpkin pie! I definitely plan on making a pie crust from scratch - but to start, I think I’m goin to buy a pre-made crust, and then get fancy with the filling to compensate...

Picnic with Anastasjia

Monday, July 3, 2017

May was a very traumatic month for my family and me, but following a string of hardships, I was delighted to spend the day with Anastasjia, her boyfriend Ashton, and their darling dog, Caesar! After thrifting and drinking smoothies, we snacked on strawberries in the middle of the park in the sunshine. Catching up with Anastasjia and cuddling Caesar was like a much needed balm that soothed my soul and was the perfect way to kick off my summer. Anastasjia is such a beautiful soul, inside and out - after only 15 minutes in her presence, my face hurt from smiling, laughing, and talking so much... she has that effect on people! Also, how precious is her vintage strawberry suspender skirt? Perfection! Here's to more sunny days filled with delicious fruit, wonderful company, and darling dogs... ♡

ASOS dress, picnic Basket * (a gift from LancĂ´me that I finally had an occasion to use!)

Me trying not to burst into laughter (it didn't work)

My Desk

Saturday, January 26, 2013

I have to admit - we moved into this house months ago and I still have yet to unpack the majority of my things! Having moved so many times, it's so hard to get motivated enough to unpack and assemble everything - however, having gotten sick of having papers and books cluttered everywhere, I finally organized my desk and LOVE the result so much I just had to share a closer look with you all! ♡

My actual desk is somewhat short, so I elongated it by stacking two boxes and covering the ugly cardboard with cute bedding and old selves! I placed two of my favorite vinyl records (Prince's Purple Rain and the soundtrack to Disney's Cinderella) on top and arranged my lipstick collection and resourceful/inspirational books (including thrifted Disney golden books, Creative Inc., Pretty: The NYLON Book of Beauty, & The Teen Vogue Handbook)!

Also pictured: the ADORABLE sweater clips Miss Annika made specially for me of Finn and Jake from Adventure Time (to be worn in an outfit post soon)!

Closer to my actual computer you can find even more books (two Style Me Vintage books & 50 Fashion Designers You Should Know), my planner, vintage Alice in Wonderland Paperdolls, pins I made (one of which made out of a sticker illustrated by Wishcandy), my Fred Flare ice cream lamp, the gorgeous mermaid fabric gifted to me by Christine, my Judy Jetson watch, and my Locketship cat/ice cream bow (still one of my favorite things EVER *__*).

And decorating the walls is my flapper tie, pink measuring tape, new dress from Mod Dolly (another sneak peek to a future outfit post!), and my gorgeous I Love Crafty necklace ♡

Phew - sorry for the long post! So, what do you think? And what's decorating your desk?


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