10 Cute Stocking Stuffers Under $10

Friday, November 15, 2013

Whenever I look at stocking stuffer guides and see things $40+ I'm a bit shocked! Growing up with three siblings, I learned at a young age what it meant to stretch a dollar and to me "stocking stuffers" has always meant "under $10". So when Jaime suggested I make a post about finding cute stocking stuffers with tight budgets in mind, I was happy to compile a list for those of us who have a strict budget to stick to this holiday season!

WET N WILD'S MEGALAST LIPSTICKS in 24 Carrot Gold, Cherry Picking, Pinkerbell,
Red Velvet, & Sugarplum Fairy

(a gift from Marlena - thank you doll!)

Pretty much the holy grail stocking stuffer for me is makeup! There are so many really wonderful drugstore makeup brands out there with super affordable prices. My favorites are Wet n Wild (particularly their $2 lipsticks - I LOVE THEM), E.L.F., Revlon, and NYX.

Target has adorable Lego minifigures (in store for only $2.99 I believe! My little brothers love these and have quite a collection) and a $1 section filled with cute knick knacks - World Market also has a bunch of adorable old fashioned toys!

Okay, who doesn't love candy?! This Giant Gummy Bear On A Stick on Fred Flare looks pretty darn heavenly, but normal sized sweets and the classic candy canes will do just as well of course! What's everybody's favorite candy? Mine is Hasbrio gummies!


I love love love pins - especially when you can support your favorite independent artists by purchasing them! I just recently bought this Wishcandy pin and it's perfect! Other cute pins found on etsy: all of these by The Floral Prince & Mr. Meow Pin by Pretty Little Fawn. You can find some cute ones on Hot Topic as well.

Forever 21 has a great under $10 section with cute cropped tops that would be perfect layering pieces!

Notebooks, pens, pencils, envelopes, notepads, stickers, novelty erasers - I love that stuff! Sanrio and Darling Dear have a great selection.


Like gloves, socks, headbands (Forever 21 has a bunch), jewelry (there is so many cute pieces on etsy!), and these temporary tattoos by Harriet Gray are particularly adorable.

Another fun option is compact mirrors - this Sweet & Lovely Pocket Mirror is adorably retro and Forever 21's are always my favorite!

A single magazine is fun to roll up in a stocking, and magazines like Teen Vogue and Marie Claire are just $10 to subscribe for a whole year (or in Teen Vogue's case, two)!

Music is one of the greatest gifts, and thanks to iTunes you can gift your loved ones quite an impressive amount of tracks with only $10.

As great as this all are, nothing is quite as special as a gift you made with your own two hands just for them! Here is my DIY Pinterest board for some ideas.

Hasbro Gummy Cherries, Ruffled Socks, Cat Ears Headband, Purr Lip Gloss, Cat Makeup Brushes, Cat Compact, Mr. Meow Pin, Sweet & Lovely Pocket Mirror, Creature Type Ring, NYX Lipstick, Giant Gummy Bear, Wishcandy Pin, Heart Stud Earrings.

Forever 21, Target, World Market, Wal-Mart, and Dollar Tree have literally hundreds of cheap, cute knick knacks that would be perfect for stocking stuffers and are also my favorite places to shop in general! Another bit of advice: when shopping online, most stores offer the option to sort products by lowest price first - which is super helpful!

The possibilities are truly endless and I hope this post was able to give you some ideas! I would love to hear about your Christmas plans - have you already started buying presents? ♡


  1. First comment! Hehehe ♥ this list is super helpful! I've been thinking about what to get my best friend recently and this list has given me loads of ideas - especially loving that cat lipgloss! As always, lots of love and all the best for the future x

  2. So unbelievably honored to have been featured for your stocking stuffers! Thanks dear! xoxo

  3. Lovely post!

    Emma x

  4. ooooh!! I love all of these!! I would be one happy girl to find my stocking overflowing with all these goodies! And I LOVE that everything is wallet friendly!! :)

  5. I totally agree about the $10 and under price point. When I see high ticket items on blog gift lists, I always shake my head at how out-of-touch that seems. This is a fabulous collection of ideas and goodies! And thank you for mentioning my rings!! :') <3 <3

  6. I love all of these! Stocking stuffers always mean something relatively cheap for me too, I can't even imagine spending $40 on something for one! I usually do make-up, soaps and food treats for friends, but I love the idea of badges and accessories though. I'm hoping that I can be organised enough to order some stuff from Etsy and support some small businesses this year xo

  7. This was such a good post! I would be pretty jazzed to find some of these waiting in my snowman stocking :D And those megalast lipsticks all day every day. Wearing sugar plum fairy right now. <3

  8. You came up with some great items! Make-up is definitely an easy and suitable stocking stuffer. I'm married and my parents still do stockings for me, I kinda love it :)

  9. This post turned out wonderful! I'm glad I could give you this idea! You came up with so many great stocking stuffer ideas. I love those megalast lipsticks. I think I own at least 10 different colors! Magazines are a wonderful idea too. Some subscriptions are just so inexpensive. I'll have to keep that in mind!

  10. Oh Kailey, how you do that ? I always open your blog and I feel like I was in another world and well, all the things, words <3 Love the feeling!

  11. Very helpful ideas! I love the two nail polishes you picked out - Heavenly is so gorgeous and I am a huge sucker for milky glitters. The cat mirror is adorable as well :)

  12. Thanks for including me in this, sweetest! I snagged a few ideas for my lists :3


  13. Love all the kitty shaped products! They're so adorable :3

  14. i completely agree about stocking stuffers being under $10! i might stretch it to $15 but really $40 is far too much for things that are meant to be cheap little presents you throw in to a larger gift.

    you've picked so many adorable things, especially all the cat print accessories from forever 21, i just wish it didn't cost almost $40 for them to ship things to me or i'd already have bought all of that stuff ages ago! and of course makeup is the perfect stocking stuffer for a girl like me too!

    hope you've been well lovely! xx

    little henry lee

  15. This is such a good idea!! I love the lipsticks.


  16. The etude polish is really cute! I would buy all of these and be so tempted to keep them for myself! x

  17. Those lipsticks look great, awesome colors!! xxx


  18. wow, so many beautiful pieces! I also love the look of the lipsticks. they all look so pretty together, i just want every color. great selection of stocking stuffers, and great idea for a post.


  19. Oh my, these are all so beautiful! I want these all in my stocking this Christmas please :) xox

  20. I totally agree stocking stuffers should be cheap! Cute and fun small gifts, not crazy expensive items that just happen to fit in a stocking. Wish I lived in the US where you have amazing stores with cheap sections - Dollar Tree sounds great XXX

  21. such adorable little stocking stuffers :) especially those adorable lip colors !

  22. I love these under $10 ideas! Nowadays I think a lot of people think the word "affordable" means under $100 but that's quite unrealistic for many people! It's nice to know that you can give cheap, fun gifts :)

    Xo, Hannah


  23. These are really good ideas! Sometimes you just need a couple of little things to round out a gift, these are all super cute.

  24. such cute stuff. :3 I love those Wishcandy pins!

  25. Lots of cute ideas! I need to send the link of this post to my husband!

  26. Just discovered your blog and i absolutely love it :)


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