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Monday, February 3, 2014

I know, I know - where have I been?! With the new year came a heap of obstacles that snowballed and left me unable to keep Mermaidens updated - boo! I've finally sorted everything out and am able to share new posts with you guys - and thank goodness because I have missed you all so much ;___;

After such an long hiatus, a post catching you up whats been going on in my life would be apropos, right?!:

  • One of my new years resolutions was to start drawing more, and my first instinct was to draw cute fruit patterned backgrounds (and isn't my strawberry iPhone case the cutest?)!
  • I interviewed Miss Marlena for MissRobin's newest issue and much to my surprise, I spotted an illustrated version of my face with Marlena alongside the article! You will be seeing more of this issue in a future post so stay tuned :3
  • Finally found my dream Forever 21 shirt that had been sold out for months and organized my makeup in a pretty way - okay I guess this really wasn't newsworthy but the picture is pretty!?
  • On January 19th, my cat Fi passed away. We found her on our doorstep in 1998 and she has followed me from ages 5 to 20 through several moves, new animals, and helped me cope with some of the hardest moments of my life. It was all very sudden and it's been very difficult to wrap my head around - but thanks to the outpouring of love and support I received from readers via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email, etc - I feel like I am coming to accept it. I can't thank you enough if you sent me a note - it helped me more then I could ever articulate.

    The highlight of the January was, without a doubt, eating donuts with photographer Hana Haley in Portland on the 23rd! When Hana approached me to model for her, I was a bit afraid it was too good to be true. In the back of my mind I have secretly wished I could model once or twice - but to be honest I never thought anybody would consider me particularly special enough to photograph and I worried my shyness would interfere if I DID get a chance, somehow.

    So imagine my absolute bewilderment and glee when I found myself posing for one of my favorite photographers! I had the most wonderful time - Hana not only immediately put me at ease and helped me forget to be nervous posing in front of strangers, but proved to be extremely funny and it was a pleasure to watch her set up a shot. Saying I feel extremely blessed and lucky to work with such a talented lady is an understatement and I will forever be grateful for such a wonderful opportunity! Hana has updated a few pictures from the shoot here and I will be making a post with the full series when it is released! <3

    Please please let me know you have been and I hope you have a beautiful week!


    1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I have no idea how you feel.
      Is that a fruit loop donut?! That's the best thing since donuts!


    2. I wanted to see photos from that photoshoot for a while now and I really like the ones she has already shared. You look amazing and she sure is an awesome photographer. It is troubling for me to find models for my photos and I wish I lived close to you maybe you would have considered posing for me, it would have been amazing <3 PS: I'm so glad you posted!

    3. I'm so sorry about Fiona! But I know she's on a tiny pink cloud right now~

    4. Aw I'm so sorry to hear about your cat hun! I know how amazingly hard that can be. I had the same cat from the time I was 4 years old until I was 20. When she passed away I cried so much and couldn't ever imagine getting a new pet. But now, 5 years later, I have another cat, Mochi, that I love to death and couldn't imagine my life without. So hang in there, it does get better eventually. And if you need anything just let me know :)

      xo Aubree

    5. Beautiful, Kailey!! Can't wait to see more photos from the shoot!

      xox Sammi

    6. I'm so glad to have you back! <3 xxx

    7. I have the same Iphone case :)
      I'm so sorry to hear about your cat, I know how hard it is, one week ago I had to put my dog to sleep, he was 15 :/ ♡


    8. So sorry to hear about the passing of your kitty! But congrats on your photo shoot. You look wonderful and every woman should have gorgeous professional photos of themselves.

    9. whaaaaaat you live in Portland?? I must photograph you too! :3

    10. You literally have the cutest things, Kailey! I also love your artwork, I'd love to see your interpretation of me sometime ;) I don't think I've ever seen my self cartoon-ified (is that even a word? lol). Anyhow, I am so sorry about your darling cat. Sending hugs your way! <3

    11. So sad to read this ! Hope you'll go a head

    12. Glad to see you're back! The loss of a pet is so difficult, so it's understandable that you would need to step back and grieve. I feel like I need to step back even when I'm WORRIED about my cat.

      I love your photo with those doughnuts. The colors are great, I'll have to check out the photographer! Welcome back from your mini hiatus! Hope you're well :)

    13. Yay, so happy there is a new post!
      Such a sexy looking donut! and you obviously ;)

      Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics!


    14. I love that photo of you! and I am so so so sorry for your loss!! I know how much it hurts and if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here!! :) xooxoxo

    15. I've missed your posts! Welcome back :) And sorry to hear about your loss... Sucks.
      The iphone case is sooo cuuute!!! Too kawaii for me to handle ahah
      Also, it's an honour to be photographed by Hana Haley, she's so wonderfully talented but you know what? I'm not surprised that she picked you to model. You are one of a kind, with your donut-hued hair and pastel frocks, you're adorable, so you deserve it. I'm glad you had such opportunity!^^ hugs and kisses x

    16. Beautiful photos! I'm once again incredibly sorry for the loss of your beautiful friend and family member!

      In more happy news though; how exciting to be modelling! I can't ever imagine that anyone would ask me to do that so I always make my bf take photos and pretend to be a model lol!

      Hope you're well and feeling a bit more positive!

      Katie <3

    17. I'm so sorry about your loss.

      Hope you start feeling better
      With great love

    18. I'm so happy you're and once again sorry about your kitty Fiona....may she rest in sweet peace.

      SIMPLY adoring this photographers work thanks for introducing us to her!! you are the most natural and coolest model!! simply falling into a world of grunge, beauty and cuteness of her work!! love love love xxxx

    19. You're too lovely. Oh so very proud of all of your accomplishments! **applauds you** ;]
      I'm astounded to know more of what the future has to offer; most surely, only great things for you.
      ♡ Dulce

    20. Sending you big hugs, I'm so sorry to hear about Fi.

    21. So sorry about your kitty :(
      But I'm excited to see you posting again, and thank you so much for introducing me to Hanna Haley.... her work is simply amazing!!!

    22. u look beyond cute!! loving ur phone case

    23. Your photos are so beautiful and inspiring me to bring more pink into my life!

      I'm so sorry about Fi. A few years ago I lost Brownie, a cat that had been around since I was six. When you have a pet that grows up with you, it's such a shock when they're gone. How wonderful that you gave her such a good home and took such good care of her (16 is impressive).

      Going to look at the delicious Hana Haley photos now...

    24. Sorry for your loss :(
      But I am glad you are back! :) And I am looking forward to see the photos :)


    25. I'm so sorry about your cat Fi. My sister has a cat who's a special member of our family and I'm worried about him going one day, as with any other member of my family. I can't imagine how you must feel. =(

      But I also wanted to say, I love how you do your pictures, they have so much pink in them. It's so great c: I love the one where you have your head in your hands with the bomber jacket on.

    26. Thank you for introducing me to my new favorite photographer *0*

      Your photos are beautiful and your cat must have had a good life with you taking care of her....stay positive!

      love, polly

    27. this is such a good post :) i'm rlly srry about ur cat :( I hope you feel better!
      <3 victorique

    28. Can't believe it's already February, the start of the year has gone so fast!
      Good luck with the resolution to start drawing more, that was one of mine too :)
      Sorry about your kitty x

    29. Aww, sweetie so sorry to hear about your kitty. ♡

      Those donuts look SO good! Mmm, wish I had one right now. Can't wait to see the post with your pretty pictures. :)

      - Gina
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    30. I love all of the little detail photos of your tabletops and vanity. They're sweet and show that you like a bit of beauty and romance infused into your everyday. The photos from your shoot are very cute. What a fun day - can't wait to see that rest!


    31. I'm sorry about your cat I hope you're doing alright.

    32. Yaaaaay! I'm so happy that you're posting again! I'm so, so sorry that you've been having a rough time lately :(
      I kept checking your page probably every few days of January hoping that you'd somehow sneakily posted something (even though I'm sure I would have seen it on facebook) haha.
      Also. You should model all the time. Hana's photos are amazing and suit your personality and aesthetic so well, it's a perfect combination. Those photos are absolutely amazing! Can't wait to see the rest :D


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