Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer is in full bloom, and with the beautiful sun and flowers comes allergies and melting from heat (no air conditioning ahhh!). Unfortunately, I haven't been able to create new blog posts in a while for you guys, so I thought a lil update was in order!

An incredibly talented artist, I've been head over heels in love with Sibylline Meynet's dreamy pieces since I first saw her Adventure Time illustrations circling tumblr months ago. Not only did Sibylline draw me (I almost cried when it popped up on my instagram feed...!), but she sent me the original drawing when I bought her darling pastel dolls pins and Adventure Time stickers! Truly one of the most magical parcels I've ever received - and Sibylline's drawing of me now hangs in my office framed - is that vain?! ;)

I've always loved film photography, but have been so intimidated by it to really pursue learning how to use film cameras - so I finally caved and bought a Fujifilm Instax Mini figuring it would be a good way to start experimenting! And I am absolutely in love - all of my pictures are digital, and being able to hold physical copies of your photos without printing them is such a luxury! There is a bit of a learning curve (I'm so spoiled with digital - taking a billion pictures at once until it's perfect hehe), but overall really easy to use! I can't wait to take more and hopefully get better *__*

July Fourth makeup! // Current uniform: f21 blouse, American Apparel tennis skirt, Modcloth purse & ASOS bag // Manicure of choice this summer: watermelons to match my shorts! // Being a busy bee and wearing these darling Hello Holiday glasses!

I have a bunch of exciting things up my sleeve - watch this space!

How's your summer so far? Have anything fun planned? <3


  1. You're too cute for words darling Kailey!! I love this little roundup!! That illustration of you is so so so pretty!! I love my insta mini I need to take it with me more often!!) and I love the photos you snapped! I really love those watermelon shorts!! And your pink locks are so pretty!! I hope you have a great day, stay cool!! xoxo

  2. That's all really awesome! :)
    Yes, the summer has finally kicked in, but I prefer to walk during the late afternoons when the sun isn't so strong. x) Those glasses are also super cute! Hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July. And although there may be no air conditioning, you've got some cute outfits to sport that also keep you cool. ^_^
    I recently did a Frida Kahlo tribute post which was very fun to create! As of now, I'm just working on future blog posts too. Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer! c:

  3. awn, amei as coisas pasteis!

  4. Kailey this is such a sweet post! I love that you're sharing these cute snapshots with us. That top parcel you received from Sibylline Meynet must have been such a great surprise in the post and you look stunning in her picture. Also those instal minis are so cute! I was hoping to save up and get one around Christmas and didn't quite manage it, maybe this year I will have enough spare pennies. They just look like so much fun :)

    Hope you're well! I don't know if you got my e-mail the other week but I'm totally in Oregon at the moment. It is SO BEAUTIFUL I'd love to live here! Laila XXX

  5. Your Fourth of July look is perfect & I also recently got an Instax camera and I'm absolutely obsessed. Being able to get your photos right away and the effect that comes out is the best (:

    not haute

  6. I love that American Apparel tennis skirt :3 Her drawings are gorgeous too!
    Thank you for sharing!

    xo, Kathleen

  7. Those Fujifilm cameras are so cute and amazing! What color did you get?

  8. I love the art that she sent to you! All of the illustrations are so beautiful! xx

  9. Lovely photos! I think that drawing of you is fantastic! I really like her illustrative style :D
    Also you really suit those glasses, I always find searching for the perfect glasses to suit my face such a chore haha!
    And also I really like that outfit you put together,that silver shell bag is gorgeous, I'd love to get one for myself :D

  10. wow Sibylline's art is SO pretty! definitely one to keep my eye on haha.
    I want a polaroid too :D they are so neat.
    ah you are so cute :D the glasses look so good on you! xo

  11. Such a cute illustration of you, and awesome Instax photos too! I still can't use mine that well. :\

  12. lovely post (: wish i could afford a fujifilm instax mini too :S they seem to be so amazing! also, sibylline's art is so wonderful <3 ^.^

  13. instax cameras are so much fun! and film photography is great too, it's funny because lomo cameras (i'm mostly talking about the diana here) have this perception of being really easy to use but because they're so limited it actually makes them really tricky. i found a 35mm holga to be a good place to start, or just try with a disposable. that's where i started out years ago and i'm still no pro but you just have to keep at it. every camera will have different quirks but starting with something like an instax is a good way to get your confidence up with film. :)

    little henry lee

  14. beautiful photos and layout! falling in love w your blog. following for sure xx

  15. Kailey<3 I can't believe how beautiful you are! Really, just yay! I'm so jealous. I love getting portraits of me which my favourite artist draw! So cute <3 and yay to all your photos.

  16. ahh hayfever etc sucks! i still can't get over how beautiful that portrait of you is, and because of you i have discovered an amazing new (to me) artist! love that photo in the glasses too. you are the cutest!

  17. That outfit in the top right corner is just so perfect! That seashell bag is a DREAM!

    x Sara from

  18. Lots of such cuteness!! Sorry about the hayfever, my older sister gets that and it's terrible. Love the bag xx

  19. Lovely as usual!!

  20. Oh my gosh, so much prettyness!
    The illustrations are stunning and I have instantly fallen in love with the shell bag ^_^

  21. Too much beautiful in one post!

    Hanna on

  22. Loveliness overload! That shell bag...

  23. I love your style, your blog it is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!



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