Wednesday, August 20, 2014

DRESS: Lady Petrova * PURSE: Gift from Marlena SHOES: ASOS (sold out; similar)

This iridescent number might just be the perfect mermaid dress! If my dream wardrobe came to life, it would pretty much look exactly like Australian designer Lady Petrova's gorgeous, frothy pieces. I am completely captivated by this dress in particular - the opalescent fabric and use of pearls for buttons immediately call to mind mermaids who dwell in crystal embedded coves.

The deep v in the back of the dress is another wholly unique and gorgeous aspect of this dress - just GUH. Truly a show stopper, one of the most gorgeous pieces in my wardrobe, and an absolute honor to own one of Petrova's phenomenal designs - thank you so much again Lady Petrova! ♡♡♡♡

Wanting to keep the styling simple to let this beautiful dress shine, I just accessorized with my beaded shell purse that was an amazing gift from the dearest Marlena from Self-Construced Freak and my old stand-by metallic ASOS flats!

I have a couple really exciting things to share with you shortly, stay tuned! n____n ♡


  1. This dress is so divine...looks marvellous on you doll, perfect pieces with it too :) xx

  2. I haven't been for a while here and wow, you've got new layout! this is so beautiful and it suits to your lovely character very well <3
    according to your post. I think australian designers are the best. They are so creative!
    You look stunning, just like a mermaid <3

  3. This dress is stunning! I love the texture.

    Emma x

  4. YOU ARE THE PERFECT MERMAID! I totally swoon over Lady Petrova as well and this dress is just heaven on you! YAY! Can't wait to hear your exciting news. <3

  5. this is definitely the perfect mermaid look, especially this dress paired with the shell purse... love it! :)


  6. Lovely purse!

  7. omg I love your pink hair mint blue dress phase. THERE IS NO OTHER PHASE THIS IS THE BEST

  8. So so dreamy! I especially love that beautiful bag <3

  9. ah such a strange dress but you pull it off so well :)

  10. The dress actually makes me think more along the lines of Sci-Fi futuristic looks, but it looks great either way! You look great in it!

  11. What a beautiful outfit <3

    Hanna from


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