A Love Letter to Magazines

Friday, September 12, 2014


My love for magazines started early when me and my sister would await her monthly issues of Teen Vogue, YM, and ELLE Girl with baited breath (who else loved ELLE Girl and YM?)! We would cherish the stack of magazines, sorting them by date and memorizing the covers.

This love has only grown as I've gotten older! I adore reading articles and viewing images on the internet (I mean, duh - I am writing this on my blog after all..!), but there is nothing like the feeling of flipping through glossy pages filled with interesting content and drinking it all in.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite magazines with you!

Discovering Nylon around age 14 kind of reawakened my love for magazines! From a graphic design enthusiasts perspective alone, Nylon is a joy to look through - the photography, use of illustrations and design elements like collages and sequins are a feast for the eyes. I also loved their beauty icons series and the accompanying book they released, The Nylon Book of Pretty!

Showcasing the works of many bright young things, Ballad Of's issues are always beautifully put together. This issue in particular is made even more special because I'm in it! In an editorial for Lazy Oaf and photographed by two of my favorite ladies, Berta Pfirsich & Hana Haley ♡

My dad bought me and my sister our first issue of Teen Vogue at Target - it was their February/March 2003 (making me only 9!) issue with Gwen Stefani - and ever since then I've loved it. Through it's pages I first learned about fashion design and would rip up the beautiful collages for collages that I cherished! Even though I'm no longer a teenager (cough ~__~), I still think Teen Vogue finds strength in it's editorials and important articles for teen girls (plus I am a little nostalgic about it hehe).

Ever since Eva Chen took over as editor-in-chief last year, I feel like Lucky magazine has really come into its own!

Created by a group of students from Barcelona, Miss Robin's nostalgic, dreamy editorials with a 60s fashion bent and interesting interviews makes it a standout to me! I've contributed to Miss Robin twice now - which is so exciting when it's one of my favorite zines! You can buy their "Twisted Girls" issue, with an interview by me with my bbff (blogging best friend forever) Marlena here

I was actually lucky enough to win two issues of Betty in a giveaway from Kerry, and I fell head over heels in love as I read them both cover to cover in one sitting! Betty magazine is an example of exceptional writing mixed with extremely beautiful & inspiring photo spreads and illustrations. Truly a treat to look through!

Aka magazines I don't have physical copies of yet but I had to mention anyway...!
Zeum - Gorgeous magazine that spotlights so many amazing artists.
Dazed & Confused - I've been admiring D&C years but haven't managed to snag an issue yet (it's harder to get in the US)! I am bound determined to pick up a copy of their new, Nicki Minaj covered issue however *^*

I'm always on the lookout for discovering new magazines, so pretty please tell me about your favorites! <3 (Ahhh how many times did I say magazines in this post?! Sorry ;__;)


  1. Love it as always Kailey! I enjoyed that read!xx

  2. These are great. I used to wait for YM as well, love magazines. I love them even more since I moved to the UK from the states as they put free stuff in them a lot of the times, like nail polish, tank tops, other beauty products, I love it. Have a great weekend doll xx

  3. I'm a huge magazine lover as evident by the many blog articles I've dedicated to them. lol I don't think I can ever forgive YM for going out of print. I still have a few issues leftover but it's just not the same. Teen Vogue will always be #1 in my heart but Seventeen is a very close second. (Also because the fact that my old sister accidentally has a subscription to it until she's 30... oops!)

    I'm also a big collector of old magazines. I love the teen and gossip-y ones. They're a blast to read 30-40 years after their publishing date!

  4. Nice:) x

  5. Finally someone who understands !

  6. I love magazines too! (Though I don't think as much as you do haha)
    My favorites are Vogue and Elle (not too original there, am I?)

  7. I have a Lucky subscription and really enjoy looking thru it! The internet is awesome and amazing but nothing beats flipping thru pages to learn new things and get inspired :)


  8. Nothing compares to reading a paper magazine! I love disconnecting from the world to enjoy a well-made editorial. My favourite publications are Teen Vogue and Nylon, and there is also a Spanish magazine that I also love called L-ink. Now, I'm looking for independent ones to find different views on pop culture :)

    Fashionably Sparkly

  9. your taste in magazines is super incredible, and you look adorable in those glasses. loved this post


  10. sad that so many are going out of print

  11. Great recommendations! I'd check out frankie if you get the time, it's like australia's answer to Betty in a way. In other news i have so many magazines to buy now...

  12. If they only sold those magazine here in Poland, I'd probably bought each of them every month ;D <3 Lucky you !! The photos are stunning tho ;)


  13. i don't really buy magazines much anymore because unfortunately i just don't find myself with the time to actual read them (too much work/life/internet and when i do read it's always a book) but i definitely went through a big phase with frankie and yen magazine a while ago and have picked up a few copies of nylon in my time.

    the only one i still buy every issue of though is lula, which only comes out twice a year but it's still my absolute favourite. but i totally agree that there's something special about holding the physical copy in your hands and flipping through the pages. that's totally how i feel about books vs e-books and e-readers, and buying vinyl vs mp3s, obviously i still use mp3s but physical media will always be preferable for me!

    little henry lee

  14. I agree with an above comment, I would try and find a copy of Frankie! It would definitely be your taste/style xx

  15. I also am fond of magazines, but since I don't have them usually available where I live, I tend to search for scans or simply keep happy by reading blogs.
    (I think people's love for images is well reflected on Tumblr's success ♥)
    You made a lovely selection of titles and pics!


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