Saturday, November 8, 2014

DRESS:Hello Harriet HEADSCARF: ASOS SOCKS: American Apparel TOTE:Hello Harriet

Long time no see! As always when I disappear for periods of time, I've been buried under work/stress BUT I can finally blog again now that I've fought my way out of it! ;___; What better way to kick things off with a handmade pink cat dress?!

The dress in question being this darling number by Hello Harriet. I've been following Harriet for years now (!) and have always been in love with her drawings of the original grumpy cat. Harriet recently expanded her line of cat adorned pieces to include dresses. And she sent me one.

Made in a smock silhouette and covered in Harriet's signature kitties, this is without a doubt one of the cutest dresses in my wardrobe! The first smock dress I have owned, it has definitely converted me - it's just such an easy, playful shape! This dress is also really beautifully made and I can imagine it styled in so many ways - I think I'm going to wear it with a detachable collar next!

I paired it with a tote Harriet was generous enough to send me as well - it has a grouchy looking cat saying "no"…! Hearts in my eyes!

Lately I've been wearing my makeup a lil different! I've been trying to teach myself how to do eyeshadow ~looks, and I'm super into this dramatic purple eyeshadow inspired by 60s icon Catherine Deneuve. AND I finally taught myself how to apply false eyelashes and it is game changing. Anyhoo, sorry if this is boring but I'm super excited about it haha :'))

Super excited to be blogging again and I'll be back with more outfits soooon!! Love you guys <3


  1. You have such beautiful style and I really dig your hair color! :3

  2. This is such a cute outfit and your hair and make-up look lovely. I absolutely adore the cat print, Harriet's illustrations are always so perfectly drawn! =^_^=
    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend,
    Emma xo Wallflower Wardrobe

  3. Such a cute dress! Love the make up look - I still haven't mastered how to apply false eyelashes unfortunately!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard

  4. Very nice look:) xx

  5. Gorgeous outfit and i simply love your pastel hair ♥
    And thanks for linking the shop of harriet.

  6. aah!! your cuteness!! it's overwhelming!! this dress looks like it was made for you kailey!! i love the shape and the design is just too cute for words!! harriet is so talented!! and i adore that tote!! i'd prob. rock that every day! ;)

  7. You are just the cutest ever, love this outfit and your make up looks absolutely divine! xx

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  8. I remember when I started getting into eyeshadow. I watched lots of YouTube tutorials! I think your makeup looks super pretty here and it compliments your awesome cat dress perfectly. Such an adorable dress and fun cat print! I love the knee socks paired with it too.

    Jamie |

  9. omg so cute! I really love the lipstick you're wearing here too! <3

  10. Gorgeous dress; it gives a very innocent feel. And I think a peter pan collar would look lovely!

  11. Grumpy cats are the BEST!! Way too cute!

  12. Gah you look so darling, Kailey <3

    xox Sammi

  13. Adorable dress and fabulous makeup, Kailey! xoxo

  14. Fabulous,gorgeous,lovely,amazing,beautiful,great to see you back Kailey! Love the dress and love your eyeshadow,it's class! xxx Hope all is going great for you lovely young lady xxx

  15. I love the kitty dress! And the false eyelashes or definite game changers, I only wish I was as brave and patient as you! :)

    xo Kenzie
    easy, lucky, free

  16. You are the absolute cutest Kailey! Love that purple eye make up too, I was going to ask if those were your real lashes cus WOW


  17. I love this look! I also really love the lipstick. What is it?

  18. @ Amelia - it's NYX's matte cream in buenos aires, I loveee it!

  19. Hi there! I've been admiring your style for a while now. I was browsing around and came across some dresses you might like:
    Lip dress:
    Heart dress: (I could totally see you rock this dress with an embroidery of your name across the love heart)

    Let me know if you like them! Keep up the awesome style!


  20. Love the tote bag, you're very cute!

  21. This is just too sweet, love this look, you're so adorable ;)) xx

  22. You, your hair and this outfit are just so perfect!


  23. Could you get any more perfect, Kailey?? This cat dress was practically made for you! (Well, I guess because it kind of was. lol)

  24. Such a cute dress. Your makeup looks so lovely too, the lipstick compliments your hair so perfectly.

  25. This is beautiful. I love your hair, dress. xx


  26. This is adorbale I love the cats, for some reason they remind me of grumpy cat:). I also love the brigh eyeshadow as an eyeshadow gril myslef playing with fun colors is always so exciting, and new. And people are also always like whats one your eyes. :) Also your hair is always so vivid and always stays pastel, hod often do you redye your hair?


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