An Interview with Margarita Mermaid

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Margarita wearing her Deluxe Nereid Bra

I have been meaning to spotlight some of my favorite creatives with interviews on Mermaidens for a while now, and what better way to kick off the series then by interviewing Margarita Mermaid herself?

I've been lucky enough to collaborate with Margarita on our collection together, and I have been completely blown away by how utterly sweet and talented this girl is. It was so fun getting to getting to know her more in this interview!

Conch Seashells Top

When did you start Margarita Mermaid Swimwear?
I started doing custom swimwear in 2010 and officially launched the line in 2012.

Do you remember the first piece you designed for your line?
I think the first good one I can remember was the My Little Pony. There were definitely some before, but I think I'd rather forget about those!

Delphina Suit

Sailorita Top

Why "mermaid" and what else inspires your work?
Margarita Mermaid started just as my Instagram handle. Then I began making the Seashell Tops and people went crazy over them and it was all they wanted to buy! I was pretty happy that people responded to the idea so I decided to make the whole line inspired in mermaids.

Other things that always inspire me are certain colors and textures: metallic pastels, sparkle nude, dreamy light color tie dyes with glitter. Kids toys, dreamy bedrooms, fantasy architecture, unicorns, fairies and fortunetellers. Things from the realm of fantasy that make you feel like you are in a dreamy magical land.

Ocean Queen - Deluxe Nereid Bra

Describe your average day in the life!
Right now I'm in the design stage so my days are filled with figuring out new ideas, sourcing the fabric and trims for them, making patterns and having the samples sewn, perfecting all the details and planning the production.

I'm very excited about what we're coming up with now! When the sale stage comes, I'll spend most of the time on the website, doing promo, shipping orders, handling sales, shooting editorial and catalogue photos. Every day is different really, depending on what needs to be done!

Do you have a favorite piece you've ever made?
They're all my babies! But the new Nereid Top that we launched this summer is one I had been trying to perfect for a while and finally we nailed it - so I gotta go with that one!


  1. all these pieces are stunning!!!!!

  2. cool

  3. <3 love all these swimsuits!

  4. ahh those bathing suits are absolutely adorable

  5. I love learning more about designers behind brands - and oh my god these swimsuits are so gorgeous! x

    Lucy |

  6. I love the bikinis and one-pieces! Too bad I don't have a body to suit the matching bottoms but the shell motifs are too cute but also sexy and a little provocative to ignore

  7. I love all of these!!! She needs to get her suits back in stock :(

  8. these bathing suits are stunning!

    Indya xx


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