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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

c/o Luna on the Moon CROP TOP: c/o Tara Starlet SHORTS: F21

In 2008, sandwiched in all the Teen Vogue's I would read cover to cover was an ad for Miss Dior Chérie that positively enchanted me - a girl wearing a pink dress and holding a huge bottle of perfume was suspended in the blue skies, held up by a bouquet of pastel balloons.

This photo has stuck with me for YEARS - so much so it was the first thing I thought of when this darling purse by Kirsty from Luna on the Moon arrived! I couldn't quite replicate this photo, but it did make me want to seek out a blue sky as a background - and it was absolute kismet when, after not being able to find any hills that would enable me to get a similar effect, I found a singular wall of a building painted blue with clouds...!

I am utterly in love with Kirsty's purses made into novelty shapes, usually with lots of glitter, aka two of my favorite things! This balloon purse is truly a testament to Kirsty's talent and eye for design, I mean just look at it, it's perfect!

As you might have noticed, along with novelty purses I'm extremely taken with crop tops. This one, by Tara Starlet, fits like a dream and is made with the most darling gingham fabric - making it a vintage lovers dream come true!


  1. That top is so darn cute! the bag is so unique too, definitely a great statement piece!


  2. That crop top it's just perfect !


  3. Gorgeous <3 looove your hair <3

  4. So, so pretty---as always <3 Your bag is absolutely precious~
    She Will Be

  5. That bag is so perfect! I reminds me of Up!


  6. Omg! adorable


  7. your bag is amazing! and obvs your outfit is perfect, as usual x

  8. lovely but not warm enough for where I live, LOL

  9. wow isn't it Autumn where you are?! haha I love the crop top though, always been a fan of gingham


    This Kid Is Alright

  10. tbh I'm surprised you didn't get the pink balloon bag but the red looks so good omg, and you look perfect as always angel <3


  11. Ahh, I was so obsessed with that ad too! It was my favourite perfume ever and the video ad for it was shot by Sofia Coppola and set to a Brigitte Bardot song! Basically every Lula girl blogger's dream come true, both at the time and forever more! <3

    jessica - littlehenrylee.com


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