Friday, April 14, 2017

Genuinely did not mean to take a break from blogging - but things like (but not limited to) the ugly winter weather, family and pet problems, and a mysterious rash on my hands that kept getting worse and worse which made it extremely difficult to get work done... meant it just sort of happened.

After finally learning the extremely red, extremely painful rash on my hands wasn't what it was originally diagnosed as but in fact an extreme case of untreated eczema (which I had no idea I even had and is finally clearing up nicely!) just in time for spring, I am so excited to start posting regularly again!

If you have eczema and would like to share any tips or stories, please feel free to in the comments as I am so curious to hear all about your experiences! <3 Love you all and see you soon!

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  1. i was born with eczema. they like to appear on my legs and body, not really on my arms though. my tips is to definitely moisture. always moisture, always use body lotions or creams. i also avoid SLS in my body wash, best if you can find a body wash that is free from SLS, fragrance and other harsh chemicals. i'm currently using the cetaphil skin cleanser and it works great :D
    applying cold pressed oils also help. i used to use coconut oil after shower while my body is still wet and then i use body butter or lotion on top. extra hydration is my trick.

    that's basically the treatment and maintenance i do. i sometimes use topical steroid cream if things look really awful but most of the time, i try to avoid corticosteroid since it can cause skin thinning.

    i hope it helps! x

  2. I used to get eczema a lot on the inside of my elbows and back of my knees when I was younger and it wasn't fun. Tights made the back of my knees a lot worse because of it being irritated but I just slapped a load of e45 cream on it and sometimes bathed in chamomile and eventually it cleared up.
    It can be brought on by stress I think and tends to go in phases so I'm sure your irritated hands will clear up! I hope it doesn't come back
    The Quirky Queer

  3. Sorry to hear about your annoying eczema, my niece gets it too and my sister puts silcocks base on it because its so gentle and emollient. Hope its getting better! Looking forward to reading more from you soon Kailey!

    Emma x

  4. So sorry to hear about your sudden eczema! Especially since you don't normally have it and it just appeared out of nowhere. :( I'm lucky enough not to have had to deal with it before but I'm sure it's not very nice, especially on your hands which you need to do just about everything! Glad it's all clearing up now lovely. :) xx



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