I Carried the Watermelon

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

DRESS: c/o Unique Vintage (plus size listing here) BAG: Gift from Marlena

Well hello! I'm sorry it's been a bit - there are a few things up in the air in my personal life, I've been working on other creative projects, and trying not to be anxious about things that are out of my control. Anyway! I'll be keeping you updated and have several fun things up my sleeve - but until then, here's a cute outfit I wore the other day!

If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for novelty pieces! I personally like pretending I'm in a movie musical where at any given moment Gene Kelly is feeling something so deeply he can't possibly explain it any other way then through bursting into a song and dance routine aided by strangers. Sadly, walking on the sidewalk of the library, the strangers milling around me did not stop their frenzied walking and come together for a big dance routine, but in this Unique Vintage dress, it didn't feel quite as impossible...!

I don't think I will ever tire of a fit and flare silhouette - and combined with the watermelon print, sweetheart neckline and little bow - it's a match made in heaven! I searched high and low for my watermelon purse, but couldn't find it anywhere - so I settled for one of my favorite purses from Marlena instead (a gift from her years ago now), and a watermelon popsicle that sadly melted pretty much immediately. We just went through a pretty terrible heat wave over here in Oregon - and I've been dreaming of pool and beach days ever since (two things I am actually planning with friends - I already have my outfits picked out too hehe...).

I hope you are having a lovely summer so far, and I will be back again sooooon ♡


  1. Wow.! what a creative idea looking so cute.

  2. This entire outfit is too cute! I've had my eye on a lips bag for a while now, and this just makes me want one even more! That popsicle looks delicious too 😋 hope things in your personal life start to calm down soon!


  3. This dress from Unique Vintage is absolute perfection! It has been on my wishlist for a while now <3 Can't wait to get my hands on it! This whole outfit is absolutely adorable! You're gorgeous like always <3

    x Angel / missangellane.com

  4. That's a shame your watermelon ice block melted, but you look suuuper cute! And I love the Dirty Dancing reference! Hope things in your personal life sort themselves out soon lovely, feeling anxious and shitty about things is always horrible, so I hope it doesn't last too long. <3


  5. Love your dress! You look lovely <3

  6. This dress is everything <3 <3 <3
    Hope things are getting better now.


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