On Beauty Standards & Hamlet Inspired Self Portraits...

Monday, June 24, 2019

To sleep,
perchance to dream --

Sometimes, I have a hard time feeling like I need to be all these things - youthful, pretty, soft, small. While taking photos the other day, I was trying to project all of that: but after looking at the photos I wanted to cry. I began hyper focusing on the lines under my eyes, how tired I looked, how my body looked.

So I decided to hell with it - I put my hair up, smoked out my cried off eye makeup, and started taking portraits - only this time, instead of worrying about looking pretty, I decided to try to look annoyed, confident, bored, smug… Slowly, I realized I was trying to emulate a bit of a Shakespearean hero - think Romeo’s bravado or Hamlet’s weariness.

Looking at these photos, I definitely didn’t want to cry. I still saw the eye bags, all the flaws I hyper fixate on - but I also saw somebody who was confident not in spite of, but because of - and it made all the difference ♥️

Makeup Used:
For deeper shadows under the eye: grey eyeshadow
Too Faced Baby Love Blush
MAC Boldly Bare Lip Liner *
Sephora Always Red Liquid Lipstick (for the lip print)


  1. Perfection is so overrated! I think that portraying the complexities of life, in all its imperfections, is much more inspiring <3

  2. You look utterly beautiful in these self-portraits and I adore the mixture of black and white photography with soft feminine pink hues!

    aglassofice.com x

  3. Girl! You look beautiful. Love the hair. It looks good on you. x

  4. I get you 1OO%. It's actually the reason why I stopped posting more photos of myself.

    I love hoe these set of photos turned out. You look beyond amazing and emotions more real than a smiling photo.♡



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