Favorite Beauty Products of 2019

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Ink black eyeliners, cream to powder lipsticks, gradient blushes and fruit themed eyeshadow palettes - 2019 was a huge year for the beauty industry. Here, I wanted to share what products stood out, and what exactly made them so good! If you have any recommendations you'd like to share, please let me know!

Wearing Darlin', Centerfold, & Get Even from Baby Got Peach and Golden Hour Super Shock Shadow
Colourpop Baby Got Peach Palette *
Colourpop's Monochromatic Eyeshadow Palettes are pure eye candy! With themed collections centered around specific shades and complementary colors, these palettes were a stand out in 2019. I thought my favorite would be their Strawberry Shake palette, but the second the Baby Got Peach Palette got released, it was love at first sight! The palette, with its blend of peachy shades and shimmer shadows, feels like it was made for me.

Tarte Double Take Eyeliner *
While I have yet to completely master a smokey eye, I've been having a lot of fun experimenting with more smudged eyeshadow looks! One product that has been instrumental for achieving a smokey eye, for me, has been Tarte's Double Take Eyeliner. Unable to get the depth I wanted from a black eyeshadow when first attempting this infamously tricky look, I used the gel side of this eyeliner on a whim. Not only was the pigment incredible, I was also able to blend out the gel eyeliner without too much trouble (the key to a smoky eye is patience with blending above all else I think!). Now, I keep this eyeliner on standby, not only for the liquid cat eye flick - but for a smokey moment as well.

Glossier Balm Dotcom in Coconut *
Glossier has a penchant for the, well, glossy. My favorite products from the brand usually end up being the creamy products that keep you looking fresh and dewy and their trusty Balm Dotcom is no different! The coconut version has been my go-to for dry lips, as a makeshift lens filter, and for everything in between!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream *
I've been dazzled by this priming moisturizer, they don't call it magic for nothing! The ultra hydrating cream boasts vitamins C & E, SPF, and rosehip oil - all housed in a gorgeous octagon shaped jar - and leaves your face feeling soft and perfectly primed for your makeup.

Mac Powder Kiss Lipsticks *
MAC's lipsticks have always been some of my favorites, but I was particularly smitten with their new range of "powder kiss" lip products. The formula starts creamy before drying down to a comfortable matte with an almost powder feeling finish. These would be great doubled as a blush!

Wet 'n Wild The Princess Daiquiries Blush
This underdog blush from Wet 'n Wild has continued to be a staple of mine for years. The gradient style blush, when layered, offers a beautiful peach diffused look. And at only $3 a pop, it's a steal. Worryingly, I don't see it on Wet 'n Wild's website anymore… I'm going to be stocking up on a few just in case!

Wearing Life on Mars and Gossamer from Psyche's Box
Claropsyche Psyche's Box *
Multimedia artist Juliana Horner debuted her makeup line Claropsyche with the aptly titled "Psyche's Box", a rainbow of hyper-pigmented eyeshadows offered in a matte finish. With a range from primary to pastel colors, looking at this palette makes me feel like I did as a child when I got a brand new box of crayons - limitless possibilities, offered in lush technicolor.

Wearing Colourpop So Juicy Gloss in Princess Cut over Maybelline Honey Pink Lipstick
Colourpop So Juicy Lip Glosses *
These ultra slick lip glosses have become my holy grail gloss. Slightly plumping, a beautiful color selection, and leaving a truly juicy pout - I'm smitten.

Maybelline Honey Pink Lipstick
When trying to find the perfect pink lipstick for your skintone, one can start to feel a bit like Goldilocks. This one is too light, this one is too cool, this one is too expensive... But I have finally found one that is jusssst right! Enter Maybelline's Honey Pink. I've mentioned this lipstick several times, but I can't help it, it's my holy grail pink! For when you want a little something pretty, but don't want to get too out of your comfort zone, this one's perfect.


  1. Again, loving your illustrations and loving their texture! I don't use beauty products, but I DID buy their skincare set two Black Fridays ago, which included a Balm Dotcom :) I got it in rose!

    1. Ahh thank you so much Audrey! I've been having so much fun with watercolors and I appreciate your feedback so much <3

  2. These products sound amazing. I really like your dark eye makeup look!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! That means a lot to me <3


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