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Monday, March 30, 2020

Psst: hover over me!

One thing that has been making me smile? It seems like a lot of us are taking comfort in baking these days, myself included! I have loved seeing my friends proudly sharing their successful banana breads bakes and swapping recipes. This Focaccia recipe has been calling my name, but yeast has been selling out everywhere, so I will not be joining the many who are currently baking their own breads... Instead, I've found myself daydreaming about learning how to bake beautiful desserts, think bright citrus cakes, glazed donuts, or comforting cherry pies. I thought I would share the recipes I've been saving and planning to tackle myself, in case any of you are also itching to bake more!

Vanilla and Fresh Berry Naked Cake by The First Year
I have a huge sweet tooth, but, surprisingly, I find a lot of cake icing too rich and too sweet! For that reason, I've really been gravitating towards "naked" cakes. With no frosting on the sides (instead focusing frosting in between the layers and on top), it makes cakes not quite so sickeningly sweet. This vanilla and berry naked cake by Beth at The First Year sounds like a dream!

My *ahem*... less than perfect attempt at the Cherry Pastry Envelopes - but oh my goodness were they good!

Cherry Pastry Envelopes by Liza Bushong
When I first saw these Cherry Pastry Envelopes by Liza Bushong, I almost fell off my chair! The effect was so cute, so "me", I had to try it! Unfortunately, I accidentally used puff pastry instead of pie pastry, but it was still delicious (just incredibly messy...) and I'm determined to make them the right way next!

Blood Orange Loaf Cake by Bake from Scratch
I'm obsessed with citrus fruits, and I especially like them in cooking and baking: I love the bright, tart element it lends to sweet and savory dishes alike. Blood oranges paired with a sweet, dense loaf cake really appeals to me, and I'm itching to try it!

Strawberry Glazed Donuts by Cooking Classy
Who can't resist a good donut? This strawberry glazed recipe from Cooking Classy looks and sounds like perfection. I love the strawberry bits in the icing!

Cherry Pie by EatingWell
Yes, I put bake a pie on my Autumn Goals List. No, I didn't bake one :( But I am determined to tackle baking a pie, and this one, sweetened with honey (!!), sounds like a dream!

If you attempt any of these recipes, please let me know how it goes! And if you have any baking recipes you would like to recommend, please leave them below!


  1. Reading this made me so hungry! Those cherry pie pastry envelopes are so cute! ♥

    1. Ahh oops - I got so hungry making this post too haha! Thank you for stopping by! ♥

  2. I subscribed to r/Breadit while in quarantine and I love seeing everyone's bakes! Luckily I did manage to get my hands on flour, but I didn't get any yeast. I've been baking banana bread and zucchini bread though, which are quick breads and more like cakes! I also plan on baking carrot cake. All three recipes are almost exactly the same! // The cherry pastry envelopes are soooo cute! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Ooh I'm going to subscribe to r/Breadit now too, that seems so fun! Definitely want to try banana bread now that I know it's so easy to make :o! I saw that you can make your own yeast but honestly it seems intimidating to me haha! Thank you for stopping by Audrey! <3

  3. Your illustration and photos are so good! It's making me hungry and I wish I had remembered to stock up on more baking ingredients during my last grocery trip.



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