Favorite Beauty Products of 2020

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Finally got a chance to wrap my very overdue end-of-year makeup 2020 highlights hehe. I didn't have time to try much new makeup throughout the difficult year, but I still found a few gems! ♡

Beauty Bakerie Snickerdoodle Lip Gloss
One brand I was loving in 2020 was Beauty Bakerie! From their website: "Beauty Bakerie is a black woman owned & lead brand," with "the mission to be sweet and sweeten the lives of others". I love their confectionary themed cosmetics, here I’m wearing their "Snickerdoodle" hyper pigmented, plush lip gloss!

Colourpop Pretty Guardian Eyeshadow Palette
When Colourpop's highly anticipated collection inspired by Sailor Moon came out, it sold out so fast I couldn’t even add it to my cart! When the restock dropped several months later, I was ready, and the palette definitely lived up to the hype. The color story, of pinks and purples that look like they could be streaked in a beautiful sunset, spoke to me, and I found the formula of the shadows to be soft and true to color across the board. I hope they do a line of products inspired by all the Sailor Scouts next!

Perfume Minis and Samples
I really fell in love with perfumes in 2019, and it definitely carried out into 2020! Not being able to commit to buying full size bottles of perfumes, I enjoyed getting a few perfume samples or miniature bottles instead ♡ My favorite perfume find of 2020 was Miu Miu's Fleur d'Argent, a dreamy fragrance with a heady tuberose scent.

Did you try out any stand out makeup products in 2020?


  1. I debated between getting the colourpop's sailor moon palette or skipping it but ultimately decided on skipping it anyway. it's such an adorable packaging but the colours kind of disappoint me when it was first revealed. I feel like they wasted the potential to revel in each guardian's specific colour. I mean it's still cute and all but yeah, not what I expected in terms of colour choice. but glad you love it though! CP's eyeshadows are of good quality no doubt.

    since 2020 was mostly spent on quarantine, I didn't use lots of makeup. in fact, I barely used any. but I saved up and sort of splurged for myself prior to Christmas and gifted myself a Natasha Denona bronze palette and the quality is, in my opinion, really good so I was delighted to finally own it.


    Élise | http://intosolarium.com

    1. Ahh I definitely understand what you mean Élise! I was intitally disappointed by the color palette as well, but I ended up really loving the color story after seeing the eye makeup looks other makeup artists created with it! I really hope Colourpop considers expanding the Sailor Moon collaboration into specific guardian's color schemes and mini collections centered on each girl. How cute would that be?!

      So glad you still were able to find a stand out product as well! It's just nice to sit down and play with makeup a bit and try to relax what with all the stressors going on. I've never tried anything Natasha Denona, I'm going to look up the bronze palette because you have gotten me very intrigued! <3

  2. That lipgloss sounds amazing, but I can't seem to bring myself to buy lip products when I'm in a mask so often. Patiently waiting for the time we can wear lipstick 24/7 again. <3

  3. I've heard so many positive reviews on Beauty Bakerie. You make me want to check out their lipgloss collection next time I'm at Ulta. ♥


    1. I really hope you get to try out Beauty Bakerie and love them as much as I do! ♥♥♥ Sending you love dear!


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