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Saturday, October 29, 2022

Before The Mary Tyler Moore Show, before Sex in the City - there was That Girl! The 1966 tv series revolved around actress Ann Marie (Marlo Thomas), struggling to "make it" in New York City. The hit show thrust star Marlo Thomas into the spotlight, and Ann Marie's Mod fashions and 1960s bubble flip hairstyle became just as iconic as her madcap misadventures.

Keep reading as we spotlight Ann Marie's signature fashion looks, favorite beauty products, and more!

Style Uniform
Throughout the series, Ann Marie is perpetually in motion, running around New York City in the most gorgeous get-ups: geometric Andre Courreges coats and Mary Quant shift dresses in mustards, greens, and pinks and accessorized with wide belts, gloves, big sunglasses, and patent leather boots. "Ann Marie would never have been able to afford it, I don't think even Marlo could [have] afforded it at that time!" Marlo Thomas later joked.

Thomas cited Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Swinging London as inspirations for Ann's look. When That Girl got picked up, the wardrobe of women on TV still "looked like The Donna Reed Show, very fifties," Marlo recalled. By contrast, Thomas was fresh from a theater run in London, and came back to America to work on the show with a suitcase of Mod fashion. Marlo fought the TV executives to include the look into That Girl's wardrobe: "I kind of insisted that we do it because that was what was happening. It was in Vogue magazine, it just hadn’t really hit the streets yet."

The studio relented, and compared to the prim and proper fashions the TV housewives were wearing, Ann's playful clothing was a breath of fresh air.

My Stand Out Outfits
1. A cream and lavender, shiny coat with buttons, a cream belt at the hips, and lilac stockings 2. The famous That Girl theme showcases Ann Marie landmark hopping in NYC, wearing a navy suit with red piping, dainty white gloves, a wide brimmed hat, and a red, patent leather bag. The look has become one of the most quintessential Ann Marie outfits, and was immortalized as the outfit for the "That Girl" Barbie doll 3. A butter yellow jacket with white detailing and daisy buttons, worn with a matching pleated skirt and accessorized with white tights and kitten heels.

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Beauty Uniform
Ann Marie's signature makeup focused on Marlo's Bambi eyes, with winged eyeliner and three pairs of eyelashes. Warm blush, frosted lipstick and matching frosted nail polish completed the look. But the real star was her dark, voluminous hair, with ends curled upwards in what would be called the "bubble flip" hairstyle. "That was my real hair!" Marlo Thomas laughed.

The hair-do was considered such an invaluable aspect of That Girl, when Marlo Thomas grew out her bangs, the show's number one sponsor Clairol wouldn't let her character Ann Marie follow suit. Instead, they made Thomas wear a small wig just for bangs "that looked like a mustache" for several years until the final season, when Ann Marie was finally allowed to sport a center part (a la the free love style of the 70s).

That Girl's sponsor Clairol's Pressed Powder Compact is on Ann Marie's vanity

Cotex Nail Polish is also visible on Ann Marie's vanity. Do you recognize any of the other products?

Coty AirSpun Powder in visible on the shelf between Ann Marie and her co-worker

Throughout the show, you can spot various beauty items in the background, including sponsor Clairol's pressed powder, Cutex nail varnish, Coty Airspun loose powder, and mentions of false eyelashes, eyeshadows, and Max Factor "Pan-Cake" makeup!

Vintage, Display Only Makeup

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After seeing Lily (@itslilyholiday) include a nod to That Girl in her incredible video, "A Day in the Life of a Not Quite Parisian Girl", I was inspired to watch the show and absolutely loved it!

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  1. This is wonderful! I've always wanted to watch this just for the style! Absolutely adore early/mid '60s makeup. Thank you for sharing!!


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