Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Style Inspiration: Catwoman

With her mysterious personality, street smarts, and killer sense of style, Catwoman has become one of the most loved comic book characters of all time. The sometimes archenemy, sometimes lover of Batman has had more make-overs then one can count, and in honor of Halloween, I thought it would be fun to go over some of my favorite Catwoman incarnations.

BATMAN TV SERIES (1966-1967)

With long blonde hair flowing behind her, Julie Newmar was the first actress to portray the cat burglar on-screen, and remains to be many people's favorite incarnation of the character. With her hourglass figure, outfitted splendidly in a purple bodysuit Newmar herself created, she stole and seduces Batman in 13 episodes, making her one of the most promient villains in the show. Of the experience, Newmar says: "It's an honor --- it really is -- that something stays for so long with people in the sweet depths of their feelings."

BATMAN TV SERIES (1967-1968)

When Julie Newmar's Catwoman in the 60s BATMAN series needed to be replaced, producers thought of Eartha Kitt: "She was a cat woman before we ever cast her as Catwoman. She had a cat-like style. Her eyes were cat-like and her singing was like a meow" (says producer Charles FitzSimons). Eartha's Catwoman had a slick ponytail, distinctive voice, and a cat mask that perfectly accentuated her razor-sharp cheekbones. Though she only starred in a few episodes, she brought such an original take on the role that it became one of the most iconic and most loved portrayals of the character yet.


Michelle Pfeiffer's broken-down secretary whose near death experience awoke the cat inside of her is my personal favorite version of Catwoman. Michelle's Catwoman prowls around in a skin-tight black vinyl catsuit, and smokey eyes with a bright red lipstick. When she isn't doing backflips and blowing up buildings, she quips one liner's such as "Life's a bitch, now so am I" before disappearing into the night.

And since I can't resist, here are some gorgeous illustrations of Batman's feline foe:

L-to-R: Catwoman by Jace Wallace, a very Audrey Hepburn-esque Catwoman by Adam Hughes, and high fashion Catwoman by Jillian Tamaki.

Who's your favorite Catwoman?

♥, Kailey


  1. Hells yeah, catwoman is an awesome style inspiration!! Pfeiffer is forever the hottest catwoman in my books!


  2. Very cool post! I love Eartha Kitt, she always sounded like a purring cat when she spoke.

  3. Great post! I'm very anxious to see how Anne Hathaway will portray catwoman in the next Batman movie!

  4. very nice post Kailey! I just can't wait to see Anne Hathaway as the new cat woman!
    cheers xo

  5. I love your post - you are reading our minds at 11 koček (11 cats, haha)- we are just now helping with a catwoman-inspired fashion show for a Czech festival of comics, Komiksfest. I love Michelle Pfeiffer best!!! Miaow.

  6. i love your blog more and more every post, kailey! such a great post, love the way you set it out too. the illustrations are amazing!

    beth xo
    ramz and the flock

  7. The vintage catwomans are so awesome!!

  8. Every catwoman is unique, but the one played by Michelle Pfeiffer is my favorite too! I'll never forget how she made her nails out of pins (a weird thing to remember though).

  9. The first catwoman will always be the best! No doubts about that :)

  10. Catwoman is awesome! I love the 'high fashion
    catwoman! That pink skirt is gorgeous!
    By thw way, I've been meaning to ask. Do you use any special app to create collages or add writing to your pictures?
    I love it! xx

  11. I love how Catwoman is ALL about the girl power. She's amazing. Michelle Pfeiffer was my favourite as well.

  12. Love that she's fabulous and fierce at the same time! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

  13. Never been a fan of cat woman, I find her sort of silly, than again, I'm not a superhero-fan at all. But Julie Newmar is very sexy in the role.

  14. very very cute post! but you forgot halle berry as catowman!!


  15. Oh man, I adore catwoman! So feminine and sexy, yet strong. I loved Michelle Phiffer in the role, her hair was AMAZING!

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  16. this is awesome! i love catwoman, she totally inspires me!


  17. Have to agree with the quote about Eartha Kitt. I've only seen a few episodes of that series but I really liked her in it.

  18. Love catwoman, I wonder how the new batman film will be.


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