Makeup Look: Modern Day Marie Antoinette

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Lately, instead of asking myself "how can I make myself look better?" when doing my makeup, I've been trying to ask myself "How can I have fun with this?". It's a much appreciated change, partially inspired by the amazing dialog we had in one of my last post which touched upon beauty standards.

The film Marie Antoinette (2006) by Sofia Coppola is one of my favorite points of reference for style and beauty - and it definitely came through in this look! Hair piled high with the help of pillow stuffing (a little shoddily done I gotta admit... I'm practicing on getting better!) and with temporary floral tattoos decorating my cheeks - I'm really happy with how it ended up!

Would you ever try an editorial look like this? More often then not, I've worn looks like this to the grocery store and people stare but don't say a word, haha!

Paperself Temporary Floral Tattoos *, Sugarpill Home Sweet Home eyeshadow *, Smashbox Foundation *, Stila Convertible Color in Petunia, Lipstick Queen Lip in Little Red Convertible *

On Beauty Standards & Hamlet Inspired Self Portraits...

Monday, June 24, 2019

To sleep,
perchance to dream --

Sometimes, I have a hard time feeling like I need to be all these things - youthful, pretty, soft, small. While taking photos the other day, I was trying to project all of that: but after looking at the photos I wanted to cry. I began hyper focusing on the lines under my eyes, how tired I looked, how my body looked.

So I decided to hell with it - I put my hair up, smoked out my cried off eye makeup, and started taking portraits - only this time, instead of worrying about looking pretty, I decided to try to look annoyed, confident, bored, smug… Slowly, I realized I was trying to emulate a bit of a Shakespearean hero - think Romeo’s bravado or Hamlet’s weariness.

Looking at these photos, I definitely didn’t want to cry. I still saw the eye bags, all the flaws I hyper fixate on - but I also saw somebody who was confident not in spite of, but because of - and it made all the difference ♥️

Makeup Used:
For deeper shadows under the eye: grey eyeshadow
Too Faced Baby Love Blush
MAC Boldly Bare Lip Liner *
Sephora Always Red Liquid Lipstick (for the lip print)

Refreshing My Pink Hair with evo

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

So excited to share my hair transformation using evo Hair with you all! Wanting to try something new, I went for a rich, cool toned pink using a custom mix of their Staino professional customizable direct dyes in Fuchsia, Flame, and Clear (my friend Dori says it looks like raspberry sorbet)! I also wanted to get you guys involved in the fun, so I’m giving away evo Hair’s Fabuloso, their color boosting treatment over on my instagram! Have you ever colored your hair a bright color before?

This post is made in collaboration with evo Hair. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Mermaidens possible!

Current Favorite Skincare Products

Friday, May 10, 2019

After years of trial and error, I finally feel like I'm getting the hang of caring for my skin! Researching my skin type and really paying attention to what my skin likes has been a long, but ultimately rewarding, journey - and I wanted to share with you some of my holy grail skincare products!

PJs: Missguided (sold out, similar)

Kocostar Sheet Masks *
I have always loved sheet masks but didn't notice a big difference between them - until I tried Kocostar's Sheet Masks! Their masks leave my skin feeling ultra hydrated, and are offered in a wide variety for varying skin concerns. Not only that, I'm in love with their "slice" concept - they've divided up the mask into 12 mini shaped "sheets" drenched in essence - think 12 mini strawberries or sunflowers - and you can place them wherever you want - face or body! I love that this helps you target moisture where you really need it, and not in your hair...!

Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen
Arguably one of the most important but often overlooked skincare products, sunscreen has never been fun for my skin with it's oily tendencies...! I've been searching high and low for a sunscreen that doesn't make my forehead feel like an oil slick: enter Biore's Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen! After being recommended the product many times when asking for product recommendations, it more then lived up to the hype! It has a really nice thin consistency that melts into the skin well, and a scent that I find to be rather pleasant.

Pixi Double Cleanse *
Again, as an oily-combo skin gal, my first instinct with oil cleansers is to cringe - but I am equally smitten with both the cream and oil cleanser in this set from Pixi! Formulated by skincare maven Caroline Hirons, these cleansers don't leave my skin feeling striped of moisture but still manages to leave my face squeaky clean. I don't feel right without double cleansing after wearing a full face of makeup now...

Too Cool For School Egg Mellow Cream *
I am throughly impressed with this moisturizer from Too Cool For School - I instantly fell in love with it's milky consistency that my skin absolutely drinks up. It has an almost sticky texture that creates a flawless base for foundation to stick to!

Beauty Trends: Testing Mermaid Makeup

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Being somebody heavily associated with mermaids, I thought it would be fun if we tested out mermaid themed beauty products together! I did a video on Youtube testing these products, but for those of you who prefer to read blog posts, I also wrote down my thoughts below! Are you sick of the mermaid trend yet? I'm still fond of it because I love a good kitschy theme, but can definitely understand the fatigue! Also, please let me know if you'd like me to do more posts like this ♡

TonyMoly I'm Real Pearl Luminating Sheet Mask
To start, I wanted to test out a product that, when looking at it, said "what would a mermaid use?" instead of screaming "MERMAID! METALLIC! GREEN LIPSTICK!" - if that makes sense! Enter, the TonyMoly pearl themed sheet mask. I feel like sheet masks are such a great way to self indulge, and this one is so cute!

3CE Baby Glow Cushion Foundation
Cushion foundations are usually my favorite formulas, so when I spotted this one with a pink shell compact, I needed to try it! Sold by 3 Concept Eyes (the in house beauty line for the clothing brand Style Nanda), who I've been itching to try since I'm always so impressed with their beauty campaigns. Sadly, this foundation missed the mark for me! First, the pros! I did like the coverage (initially) and inclusion of SPF in the formula. And that case is truly darling - said to be inspired by 90s toys, I was very impressed with the shell design. But at $30, this is a bit of a pricey foundation, and I noticed it emphasizing texture around my nose. Not to mention, this foundation is only available in two shades - which doesn't even begin to cover the beautiful variety of skin tones people have! Overall, even though it's adorable, I don't see myself reaching for it very often. I hope to try out more 3CE products in the future, because I'm still very eager to try what else they have to offer as a brand!

Milk Makeup Eye Pigment in Mermaid Parade *
I am constantly impressed with Milk Makeup's fresh and fun take on beauty - and this eye pigment was no exception! I love cream eyeshadows but rarely do they met my expectations when it comes to pigmentation and longevity - which was absolutely not the case with this shadow. A little goes a long way with this hyper pigmented product - and it's so easy to create a striking look (see, this gorgeous look from Sophia Roe)! That said, this product dries down quickly, so be sure to work fast! I was a bit slow, and it made applying eyeliner over the product a bit difficult - but overall, I'm a big fan.

Colourpop Mermaid Glow Face Duo *
Sadly, this face duo is no longer available - but it was the only mermaid themed blush I had on hand or could find! I only used the blush for this look, and was really into how the diffused warm pink blush translated on my skin. If you are interested in finding a look-a-like that is still readily available, Temptalia has a great dupe feature on her site!

e.l.f. Prismatic Highlighting Duo in Mermaid Tail *
e.l.f. has been really impressing me with their releases lately! I really love the concept of these highlighting duos - and if you wet these you can get a super metallic, beautiful highlight!

I Heart Revolution Mermaid's Heart Highlighter *
I'm so smitten with these themed heart highlighters from I Heart Revolution! I really love this color combination for their Mermaid Heart - and the gold I used for this look as a highlighter was a beaut.

Mermaid Wishlist
Of course, this barely scratches the surface when it comes to mermaid beauty - so here's a few products I've had my eye on!

Too Faced Magic Crystal Lip Topper in Mermaid Tears
Ciate London Mermaid Glow Highlighter
Almay Make Them Jelly Hi-Lite in Mermaid Magic

Have you tried any of these products? (Ps, I didn't use any mermaid themed lip products because the majority of the ones I could find leaned green, blue, or metallic - and I felt it would compete too much with the rest of the look! Please let me know if you want a part two and me to try out some mermaid lips products next ♡)

Favorite Trends for Spring

Thursday, March 14, 2019

NECKLACE: Forever 21 (sold out, similar) DRESS: Evewear *

Spring has almost sprung! Flowers are blooming, and I feel like everybody is shaking off the cold winter and blooming again with them. Spring speaks deeply to my personal style - seeing my feed coming back to life with pastels, florals, fruit print, gingham (oh my!) - makes my heart so full! Here is a catalog of some of my favorite spring trends to get you ready for the new season!

First, I want to talk about this dreamy Evewear dress! It's ticking all the boxes for me to be my stand out Spring piece: a squared neckline and cherry print are at the top of my "favorite spring trends" list. And the little details, including darling buttons, deadstock fabric, and the most darling ruffles at the wrists make me swoon! I paired the dreamy piece with a dainty necklace, red novelty purse, and white sunglasses!


Milkmaid Blouses

Hair Bows



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