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Thursday, December 13, 2018

I'm Wearing... Miss Patina blouse *, ModCloth pinafore *

I have spent the majority of my life feeling inarticulate and not particularly good enough at anything. It was only through blogging that I finally started to feel like maybe I was *good* at something. But if I am, it has only been through making a conscious, dedicated effort to get “good” at things every single day - like taking photos, conceptualizing shoots, writing, editing, etc. And it didn’t just fall into my lap. It has been a culmination of everything I had loved, felt, and was touched by for years. These feelings were always teeming in me - I had to release them. To do these things justice I had to get better at whatever medium I could express them in.

This October, I find myself sitting on a chair and looking into a small crowd of college students. My voice is shaky and cracking a lot, but I’m addressing their questions and making eye contact. I’ve been asked to speak on my experience with fashion marketing for Lena Cavusoglu’s Marketing Management class at Portland State University.

I was scared to death, I made many mistakes. But I knew I had to do this. And afterward, even though I replayed my mistakes in my mind and cringed, students still shook my hand and thanked me for my time, and Lena said she’d love to have me back. With adrenaline coursing through my veins, I smiled back at her and said I would love to. After all, I know how to do better next time. Don’t give up on yourself or your dreams ♡

Photos taken at Burgerville after the talk - I needed french fries after that haha!

A Goodbye to Summer with Hana Haley

Monday, December 10, 2018

In the past four years, I have attempted to put into words how much Hana Haley means to me many times. We meet at a critical, painful point in my life, and she represented the first time I ever worked with a professional photographer. Not knowing what to expect at all, I was practically trembling when I knocked on her door. But the second I met Hana, all my fears melted - she makes you feel like you are the entire universe when you are around her. Hilarious, protective, and radiating light - I see how people are drawn to her everywhere we go.

After doing a shoot every couple months together for around two years, life forced us to take a break that stretched out to three years. This summer, we were finally reunited. After spotting each other in a parking lot, I ran to be enveloped in a familiar hug - it was like no time had passed at all. On both an artistic and personal stand point, I feel like we click together perfectly - like a friendship heart necklace put back together. Originally planning on just catching up over coffee, we did an impromptu shoot that included location hopping, rose garden smelling, eating fries, changing dresses in the backseat, and taking photos in the Photo Booth. All the while, speaking a mile a minute - that night, my voice was raspy from talking (and laughing, and smiling...) so much!

At the end of the day Hana dropped me back home. Clinging to each other, we swore it was not going to be three more years until we see each other again. "I can't even be sad today is over, I'm so grateful it happened at all," I said before letting go. ☆


COAT: Miss Patina * DRESS: ASOS

BLOUSE: Forever 21 SKIRT: Amazon then I painted cherries on it PURSE: Amazon

Pink Hair FAQ: How To Have Pastel Hair

Sunday, May 6, 2018

By far my most asked question is what hair dye I use, so I wanted to compile some of my most asked questions all about my pink hair in one convenient place!

What hair dye do you use?
I have been using Special Effects in Cupcake Pink, diluted with a bit of opaque white or cream conditioner, for years now and highly recommend it!

Do you have to bleach your hair?
My natural hair color is a dark blonde, and in order to have pastel colors bleaching is mandatory. It actually took me a couple years to get it just right.

How do you keep your hair looking healthy?
First of all, thank you so much for thinking my hair looks healthy! It definitely has a lot of damage, bleaching your hair over the course of five years will do that, but I try to keep my hair as moisturized as possible. Products I love: evo The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask, Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Mask Honey Treasures, L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm, and Trader Joe's Coconut Oil.

I definitely recommend avoiding heat styling whenever possible - though this is a rule I don't follow as often as I should myself... *cough*

For hair tutorials and advice, I love Angelina's incredible pastel hair tips and tutorials, and Keiko Lynn's beautifully done, easy to follow step-by-step hair tutorials!


Thursday, April 5, 2018

TOP: H&M (sold out, similar) SKIRT: American Apparel BERET: Darling Distraction *
PURSE: Sun Jellies * BOOTS: ASOS (sold out, similar)

For me, this is the perfect Spring outfit! I put it together while shooting this campaign for Revlon, and I'm so in love with every single element! I got the candy striped shirt on sale at H&M last fall, and bought these boots a year ago when my style twin, fellow capricorn, and favorite human Randi shared an adorable outfit post featuring them! I am OBSESSED with the mod vibes they give off and was easily able to wipe them clean after accidentally stepping in mud - phew! Happy Spring!

Portland Mini Travel Guide for Keiko Lynn

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

So excited to finally share it with you all - I did a Portland Travel Guide for one of my all time favorite bloggers, Keiko Lynn! I first discovered Keiko in a print magazine - I think it was Glamour? - years ago and was completely in awe of her super cute style. Fast forward to now, she is one of the sweetest gals I've "met" over the internet, and her content still blows me away with it's consistency and the level of quality in everything she does.

In the travel guide, I discuss my favorite places to stay, eat, and shop including places like Darling Distraction and Voodoo Doughnuts. But this is really just scratching the surface on what some affectionately call "The City of Roses" - if you have any recommendations you'd like to add please leave them below! Click here to see the full post!

With Mei at the International Test Rose Garden

With Courtney and Jess taken by Marika at Darling Distraction

Spring Trends: Romantic Blush

Monday, March 19, 2018

One of my favorite editorial trends for Spring? Too much blush. A trend usually associated with contouring, and at times, harsh, blush of the 80s - I've been seeing makeup artists like Pat McGrath streamlining the look with dewy fresh skin and otherwise toned down makeup. Personally, I LOVE this look and would definitely wear it out for the right occasion... It reminds me of beauty icons in period pieces - think Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet getting flushed running through grassy plains (or her younger sisters eagerly pinching their cheeks to recreate the look!) and Kristen Dunst as Marie Antoinette aggressively piling on the baby pink rouge before finishing with a drawn on beauty mark. What do you think - would you try this trend?

I'm Wearing...
Eyes: Colourpop Eyeshadows in Going Rogue, Itty Bitty, Flipper, & One by One *
Lips: Urban Decay Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss in Snitch *
(Fake) Monarch Butterflies (thank you Bao for these butterflies!)
Forever 21 Gingham Top

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