Glossier Phase 1 Review

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

WEARING: Glossier Phase 1 + mascara, powder on T-zone; dress by Hello Harriet

When I first heard whispers of famed beauty blog Into the Gloss' newest project, Glossier, I was eagerly awaited their launch of "foolproof skincare as makeup" - and it did not disappoint! The website alone, with closeups of smiling, beautiful models up against stark blue and pink backgrounds and with emoji-like stickers sprinkled everywhere, filled me with excitement. I was actually just about to place my order when I was offered the chance to review their first four products - bundled together called Phase 1!

First of all, I HAVE to mention the adorable packaging! They come in bubblegum pink and white tubes and bottles, and a sheet of the cutest stickers so you can personalize the tubes yourself! I took forever trying to decide where to put each sticker, they are just so darn cute! As for the products, here are my thoughts!

Soothing Face Mist - a refreshing and reinvigorating face mist that smells of roses. It made my face feel super soft and I personally love the scent - but unfortunately some of my friends are allergic to flowers, so I wish it was a bit more mild smelling!
Priming Moisturizer - a non greasy, lovely moisturizer that prepares your face for the rest of your makeup and helped my makeup last longer. This worked well for my normal/oily combo skin as well as my sister's dry skin!
Balm Dotcom - a truly wonderful do all, thick balm that is formulated to lock in moisture - whether it be on your lips, cuticles, or even your elbows...! I'm really impressed by this as a lip balm - it really does the job (just in time for the cold weather), and has earned a permanent place in my bag.
Perfecting Skin Tint - This is a light weight "skin-tint" that blurs imperfections while evening out your skin tone. It's thin texture makes you completely forget you are wearing anything, and I was able to layer this product a couple times under my eyes for a little bit more coverage - and it didn't settle into the lines around my eyes or look cakey. That said, if you have some extreme dark circles, you will probably want to use some concealer with this product! When I used it, my skin looked amazingly dewy, but since I have a pretty oily forehead I powder my t-zone so it didn't read as oily instead of dewy. I was a little disappointed there was only three shades available - hopefully they will expand the line to be more inclusive!

Usually, I am guilty of ignoring basics like moisturizer in favor of oohing and ahhing over twinkling, high ticket makeup pieces like vibrant lipsticks and eyeshadows - but these products make caring for and applying makeup to my face pretty fun - and their tagline "skincare as makeup" is perfect! Overall, I'm completely smitten with this brand, and if they hit it out of the park with these four products, it makes me incredibly excited for what they have planned for Phase 2...!

Glossier is available to purchase together or separately on their website, and they are currently running a Christmas promotion!

While I was gifted these products to review, it did not impact my thoughts on the line.

Currently Loving: ASOS Novelty Bags

Monday, November 24, 2014

You all know I am slightly obsessed with novelty purses, so when I saw ASOS' collection of novelty clutches by New Look, I NEEDED them. I ended up getting the wallet sized versions of the donut and cheeseburger, and the full size milkshake clutch!

I'm so in love with these I just had to share the pictures of them I snapped for instagram! Plus? They just went on sale (right after I bought them - why does that always happen?)!

Milk Drop by Hana Haley

Friday, November 21, 2014

Finally get to share this photoshoot I did with Hana Haley last August! This was the fourth time I was lucky enough to pose for Hana - and each time I get to see her is even more amazing then the last! These images are incredibly special to me - in-between shots Hana and I exchanged secrets, shared a milkshake, and got slightly lost. It's extremely reaffirming to be able to work with somebody you admire so much, and I feel very fortunate to be able to call her my friend! <3

Be sure to visit Hana's portfolio for more of her dreamy work!

Mermaid Tail

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DRESS: c/o Motel Rocks SHOES:Hello Holiday PURSE:SwayChic
NAIL DECALS:Emerging Thoughts

Presenting: the perfect party dress! Motel Rocks is always making beautiful, swoon worthy pieces but I feel like they have absolutely outdone themselves with this dress! Covered in shimmering, iridescent sequins in shades of green and with a beautiful plunging back, it's even more beautiful in person - and, when the light or sun hits it just so, I would become a walking disco ball!

It also happens to be a dress perfect for wannabe mermaids such as myself… hehe.

I wanted to play up the mermaid aspect of the dress by accessorizing with this gold shell purse by SwayChic and continued the gold theme with my favorite wedges from Hello Holiday! They are surprisingly easy to walk in, and I could honestly stare at them for hours - the glitter is just so pretty! *__*

Finally, I added this cute gold and mint "Party Time!" bracelet from This outfit is so glitzy and fun - I kiiiind of want to throw a party just so I can wear this outfit...


Monday, November 17, 2014

COAT:Kling DRESS:Kling SHOES: ASOS PURSE: ModCloth NAIL DECALS:Emerging Thoughts

After wanting one for a couple years, I finally own the perfect pink coat thanks to Kling! Kling has quickly become one of my very favorite brands - their designs are always colorful, playful, and original - and every new season I feel like they out do themselves! Unfortunately this coat sold out pretty quick on their official website, but is available on other retailers like Emerging Thoughts!

The dress I'm wearing under the coat is also by Kling - it's a two tone dress with beautiful accents and a darling collar!

I paired it with this darling rose gold bracelet from, a wire headband also by, and my new favorite shoes.

These shoes were sold out forever in my size on ASOS - so I kept stalking the product page and finally was able to get them! The little pom pom is SO. CUTE. Is it wrong I kind of want to glue pom poms on all my shoes now?

Self Portrait: Barbie

Thursday, November 13, 2014

If you follow me on instagram and tumblr, you'll have already seen these - but for the sake of properly archiving I wanted to post these here as well! I have been itching to do self portraits with my DSLR for months, and my grandfather giving me a camera remote finally enabled me to do that!

For my first test run, I wanted to do something pretty foolproof as far as makeup and styling goes, so I just did my trademark retro Barbie styling - but this time, added my rendition of 90s Barbie for something a bit different!

I hope you guys like them! I obviously have a lot more practice I need to do, but I'm pretty happy with how they turned out considering this was the first time I dipped my toe into self portraits with a camera remote <3

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