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Monday, May 21, 2012

Hello hello! As you can see, I decided to make the top of my mermaid dress into a shirt, because I wanted more possibilities! Lately, all I have really been up to is packing (according to my family I am "very very good at it") whilst listening to The Human League. I keep getting distracted rediscovering some of my favorite things (stickers, books, etc) when I am *supposed* to be packing them and have started spamming my instagram with pictures!

SHIRT: D.I.Y. SKIRT: Goodwill BELT: Goodwill TIGHTS: Forever 21 SHOES: Years ago at Kohl's

What is on your to-do list for this summer? I have been compiling a list of what I want to accomplish and I'm getting very excited~ Even though it was disgustingly hot out today I had fun rollar-skating around the neighborhood!


Behind the Zine: Get Animated

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Re-imagining cartoon characters was one of my first ideas for Pistachio, and it definitely ended up being one of my favorite parts of the zine! I wanted to share some of the pictures I didn't include in the zine and explain a little bit on how I achieved these looks!


I stole my sister's jacket, wore the Jem pin Marlena made for me, made my eyebrows blue using eyeshadow, and tackled the unique eye make-up for Jem's little sister, Kimber.


Since my freshly dyed, uber bright pink hair would clash with her color scheme, I wore a short black wig my mom had bought for me a couple of years ago in an attempt to get me to NOT want to chop all my hair off (it didn't work! ^.~). I made the bow myself using Marlena's bow tutorial, and painted on whiskers and a button nose to emulate Hello Kitty!


If you have ever wondered what it looks like when I smile with my teeth (I strongly dislike my smile so that's why it's so absent from this blog! >.>)~~~ I didn't use this picture because of how messy the ponytail looks and my handmade-out-of-felt collar's clasp broke and I didn't notice at the time! For the hair I used an old wire hanger and manipulated it until I got the right shape, and the bow is also one I handmade for the occasion. I went through a drive-thru like this and got quite a stare from the cashier!

To view the finished project, check out page 12 of Pistachio!

Snail Mail

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Getting a package in the mail is one of my favorite things - especially when it's one from my penpal Marlena! Inside the colorful envelope was her fully illustrated coloring page tribute to Meadham Kirchhoff - Pastel Puke, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite possessions and just further proves that Marlena's skill transcends many different art mediums *_*

As if that wasn't enough, she also included a Barbie valentine circa the late 80s, two handmade pins (one of Siouxise Sioux GUH), stickers, AND Mary Quant socks - I WAS ON CLOUD 9 FOR THE REST OF THE DAY I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT ♡♡♡♡

Just today I also received ELLE Collections' S/S 2012 issue after a couple of months waiting for it to arrive! The colors and overall layout of this magazine is just absolutely beautiful. My favorite part? Definitely the collage that included a clipping of Prince from Purple Rain - SWOON. Did you get anything interesting in the mail today? ^^ ♥,


Saturday, May 5, 2012

After TWO MONTHS of hard work, stress, and frustration, I am very very proud to present


Inside you will find: my re-imagining of three different cartoon characters, several of my favorite people telling me what their favorite children's book is and why, an interview with Eline, an article on why Grace Jones is perfect, and much much more!

I hope you find it to be just as refreshing as the ice cream flavor of the same name, and don't forget to begin the playlist (see below) specifically intended to be the soundtrack to this zine!

Somehow, this zine became more and more ambitious as time went by, and this took up a H U G E chunk of my time, SO PRETTY PLEASE WITH CHERRIES ON TOP comment letting me know what you think! (=①ω①=)






Also, as you can see, I dyed my hair pink for the occasion~ ^.~

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