Berta Pfirsich x Hana Haley for Ballad Of... Magazine

Friday, June 13, 2014

Last March, I got a message from photographer Berta Pfirsich asking if I could model Lazy Oaf pieces for Ballad Of… magazine! It sounded like a dream come true, but that month I also found out my grandfather would be having emergency open heart surgery and would be needed at a moments notice. I am forever grateful to Berta for going above and beyond scheduling this shoot around this scary event - and also to the absolutely amazing Hana Haley (who I've had the honor of working with before) for agreeing to do a collaborative shoot with us and driving Berta up to the location!

I met Berta, Hana, and Savannah Jane Bigley at Enchanted Forest - a darling nursery rhyme themed amusement park! Berta is an absolute doll who was even sweeter in person and gave me a big hug the minute we met - she is so incredibly talented and I had such a wonderful time working with her!


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And you already know how I feel about actual goddess Hana Haley hehe <3


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It was so much fun prancing around the misty theme park in Lazy Oaf (which you probably already know, I absolutely l o v e) pieces and alongside such talented babes!

Thank you so much again ladies for making this happen ♡ You can see a very amateurish behind the scenes video I shot that day on my Youtube channel here (Youtube fixed the shakiness of the video but in doing so messed up the text I put on top of it - so apologizes for the jumpy text! Trying to figure out how to fix it hah)!

You can order your copy of Ballad Of… Hardcore Happiness here. Mine is on the way and I am impatiently waiting it's arrival...! <3

Sorry this post is so long eek!

On Kailey: Lazy Oaf "Help Wanted" shirt, American Apparel skirt & socks, ChicWish Creepers
On Savannah: Lazy Oaf Top, American Apparel skirt, her own shoes

On Kailey: Lazy Oaf "Yes!" shirt, MissGuided skirt, ChicWish boots
On Savannah: Lazy Oaf "Pizza My Mind" dress, her own shoes


  1. You girls look as sweet as ice cream cones! I adore every outfit -- especially the knee high socks....makes me want to put on a whimsical outfit and run in a daisy field. :)

    Love, Amy xx

  2. Such dreamy photos, the pastels and colours are so wonderful and fairytale like! Lovely outfits and style!
    Emma xo Wallflower Wardrobe

  3. Your little outfits are so cute and simple and sweet -- and you look lovely. The theme of this shoot is delectable. ;)


  4. This shoot is so cute and edgy. Love it, it definitely belongs n a magazine!

    Love Emma xx

  5. Such lovely photos and models <3 Everything is perf and so dreamy :)

    xx Jem

  6. You go girl! Such a talented group of ladies. <3


  7. These pictures turned out so great! I love the fun outfits and awesome theme park background. Gorgeous!

  8. What a pretty photoshoot - you guys look like you stepped straight out of a storybook!!

  9. This all looks so magical. What a great setting for a shoot! x

  10. I said, I think we need to question who you're calling a goddess because I'm pretty sure you've been talking about yourself all this time. Love these photos so much. Are the bottom set taken on film? I absolutely love them. Maybe you should consider doing this full-time ;)

  11. Wow incredible! This is one of my new favourite blogs!

    Peacock Fashion xx

  12. Oh man, these photos are so dreamy! I desperately want to visit this theme park! You look so lovely <3

    xox Sammi

  13. You look just stunning, as just Hana. such a cool opportunity and amazing pictures <3

    The Quirky Queer

  14. adore these pictures, absolutely gorgeous!

    -Yasmin x

  15. What a fun shoot! I love the photo with the large mushrooms. It's very Alice in Wonderland :)

  16. Beautiful pictures, just so enchanting xx

  17. Love the outfits, love the pictures. Looks incredibly magical.

  18. I really like the style, the location and both of your look very pretty.
    Sorry about your grandfather, but hope he is ok.

  19. This is amazing and so, so super cool. I love the style and the feeling of all the photos.
    xx Harper

  20. I loved this pictures, you look so amazing!!
    Kisses from Brazil ;)


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