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Friday, January 15, 2016

Girls peacocking in breezey sheer blouses, little Mod dresses, delicate lace tights, shiny, knee-high heeled boots, and styled with syrupy sweet hair braided in bows, topped with a tiara, and dramatic bottom lashes - these images parade across your screen when you visit The Corner Store, a vintage shop anchored on Instagram, feed.

Stacey Nishimoto, beauty writer at Into the Gloss and former makeup artist for Nasty Gal and Chanel, has found her calling incorporating her makeup training with her passion for curating gorgeous vintage pieces and then styling them up in a confectionary of effortless 60s influnced dream looks.

An amazing mesh of different styles and aesthetics (one commenter even calling an outfit "A little pinup of Klaus Nomi"), The Corner Store is a dreamland for micro mini dresses, floral patterns, pointed collars, ruffles in candy shades, and peachy slip dresses paired with Periort Collars.

Stacey's shop feed is a perfect mixture of gorgeous clothing and inspiration - ranging from model shots of Marisa Berenson to 80s era Prince.

I recently asked Stacey about how her store came to be, and her inspirations!

Please introduce yourself!
My name is Stacey Nishimoto, I have a instagram store called The Corner Store. I sell vintage that whispers the future in high fashion.

How would you describe The Corner Store Girl?
The CS girl is a sensitive girl, who is intelligent and bold and fearless in the most elegant way. She listens to her own heart and doesn't really care or hear what the masses are saying or wearing. She lives in her own world and is driven by fantasy.

How did The Corner Store come to be?
The corner store started out as a side project to sell things that I love, an outlet for me to post vintage to dress the girl of my dreams, also, I was a single parent and I needed extra money 👑

One thing that immediately caught my eye about The Corner Store was your eye for styling the pieces. Do you have any advice for people looking to be more creative with styling their wardrobe?
Styling is everything to me. You could have a hill of boring clothes but if you know how style that hill turns into a majestic mountain. My advice for styling is close your eyes to the world, and reach deep into your soul, into your dreams, into what makes you happy, find your fantasy world and all of the sudden you'll get fucking amazing ideas. The more disconnected you are from current trends the more ahead your styling is. Another HUGE source for me is history, the history of fashion. You need to have a strong sense of the past, if you do not have those references as your back bone your style no matter how well put together will lack.

Pretty please tell us some of your favorite movies?
Movies that have changed my life: Rosemary's Baby, Queen Margo, Annie Hall, The Pillow Book, Suspiria, Possession, Ms. 45...

Your models always have such strong makeup looks, no doubt because of your amazing makeup artist skills! What inspires your makeup looks?
Beauty and styling go hand in hand, I am unable to separate them, I was a make up artist first, for Chanel, then became the stylist for the company Nasty Gal and did all the make up as well for the company's first five years in business. So it is very natural to look at my rack of clothing for the day's shoot and be hit in the head with an make up idea. Currently, my biggest inspiration is the Biba girl from the late 60s.

Who would you love to dress up in pieces from your shop?
The Romantic.


  1. The girls are so pretty! And those dresses, oh my god!


  2. I absolute love this style of dress, they can be so flattering - and of course, cute! The collars and prints are both really special :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  3. I discovered the Corner Store a few weeks ago now and instagram and was instantly drawn in by the unique beauty looks- and the cute vintage of course

  4. The dresses are gorgeous ! And I love how she styles them ;)


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