La Vie en rose

Saturday, January 20, 2018

DRESS: c/o Valfre (get 20% off your first Valfre order with the code "Kailey" 🌹)
BERET: c/o Betty and Veronica COAT: Forever 21
TIGHTS: c/o ModCloth (sold out, similar) SHOES: ASOS (sold out, similar one, two)

Hold me close and hold me fast...

Maybe it's because I'm looking so forward to spring, or maybe it's the rose themed makeup products I'm currently testing (look out for a blog post on that soon!) - but either way, I can't stop humming La Vie en rose! I also thought the term la vie en rose was an apropos way to describe this outfit - with romantic, dusty rose pinks and heart patterned tights, this look is also perfect for Valentine's Day! Then again, I rarely need an excuse for incorporating pink hues, ribbons, hearts, and pom-poms in my wardrobe...

I took these on a rather freezing afternoon * outside an adorable pâtisserie ** and an older gentlemen remarked "I'm cold just looking at you!" 😂 In general I gravitate towards solid colored walls for ootd backgrounds, and while I still like them, I feel like my photos tend to come off a bit sterile and impersonal for this reason - and that is the opposite of what I want! I guess I was trying to make everything look "perfect" - and when you are surrounded by power lines, cars, and trash it makes it difficult - but I'm going to make an effort to challenge myself with new, more interesting locations. Please let me know your thoughts on this, I'd love to get your feedback!

Hope you are having a lovely 2018 so far and I'll see you again soon ♡

* Note the red fingertips
** Can you call a bakery that if it's not in France or Belgium...? Heh

How To Start Blogging

Friday, January 12, 2018

One of my most frequently asked questions is how to start a blog, or getting asked blogging advice in general! I don't mind getting these questions at all, because it feels like it wasn't that long ago I was feeling lost and not knowing how to start myself. I would ask bigger bloggers for advice and sometimes I still do! I will always recommend starting a blog to others - it can be a lot of work, but it has been the greatest creative outlet and my life has definitely changed for the better for it. It can definitely be intimidating to start, but here are some of my top tips for starting a blog if you are not knowing where to begin:

Try to Post as Frequently as You Can
Updating consistently can work wonders for your blog - not only does new posts keep readers coming back, but it helps get the attention of new people as well! Of course, don't work yourself too hard by trying to conform to a rigid posting schedule, because your content will suffer - but don't leave your blog unattended for months.

Connect With Other Bloggers
Commenting on blog posts and tweeting other bloggers I admire will help get your name out there. If you leave genuine comments, it will stand out to the writer and make them want to return the favor and check out your blog.

Pay Attention to the Aesthetic of Your Blog
While a lot of design elements depend entirely on your own preferences, there are some universal dos and don'ts:

  • Have a clear, easy to read font - preferably with a light background and black text to make reading your blog as easy and accessible to read as possible.
  • Resize all your photos to be the same width.
  • Make the most of whatever camera you have - whether it's a DSLR or an iPhone, read up on your camera so you can provide the best possible quality images with what you have.

    Don't Give Up!
    In the beginning, I felt like I was just talking to myself - and after spending hours taking photos and writing a post, getting 0 views and 0 comments felt slightly heartbreaking. I even started to feel kind of pathetic for even assuming people would be interested in a blog by me. But it was imperative that I kept going, because slowly, I started getting views and comments and people started sharing their opinions and stories - and that's all I ever wanted, was to connect with like minded individuals and maybe put a smile on their face!

    Good luck! ♡ If you have any more questions feel free to ask them below and I might answer them in the blogging Q & A I'm working on!

  • Feature in Bust Magazine

    Thursday, December 28, 2017

    That feeling when you walk into a store, pick up Bust Magazine off of the shelf, and see yourself!!! Earlier this year, I was contacted by Bust Magazine to be photographed and interviewed for their Dec/Jan 2018 issue (with Greta Gerwig on the cover!) and I, of course, had to say yes!

    As a little girl growing up in the middle of nowhere, print magazines were my first portals into seeing bigger dreams, worlds, view points, etc., for the first time. Seeing myself in Bust Magazine is incredibly surreal and feels like a lifelong dream has come true!

    I had the best time posing for Christopher Dibble at the beautiful Hi-Low Hotel for the amazing shoot - the hotel staff was incredibly kind and accommodating (holding the doors open for me while I struggled with several props and accidentally hitting myself in the face with them, of course!) and Bridgette Emard, Christopher's assistant, was incredibly kind and thoughtful.

    Wanted to take a moment to thank Bry'onna (for being the best interviewer ever), Lisa, Meredith, Erika, and the entire Bust Mag team for making this happen! And finally, I just wanna say thank you to everybody who is reading this! Being surrounded by such a loving, beautiful inside and out group has meant literally the world to me. If you see the feature IRL, please send me a selfie with it so I can pretend I’m there with you, giving you a hug.

    Photographer: Christopher Dibble
    Assistent: Bridgette Emard
    Location: Hi-Lo Hotel

    I'm Wearing:
    Outfit in Bust:
    ASOS dress
    ASOS shoes (similar, similar)

    Outfit Holding Magazine:
    Valfre Dress *
    Betty and Veronica Beret * Phone Case

    Little Arrow's Holiday Party

    Saturday, December 23, 2017

    Last week I had the pleasure of attending Little Arrow's annual holiday party as the in house photographer and it was an absolute dream!

    Bri (the beauty and brains behind Little Arrow's amazing pins and accessories) had transformed her darling studio into the perfect party spot - while a neon sign bathed the walls in pink light, a pastel pink tree furnished with precious retro ornaments dazzled as a centerpiece, and there was a hot chocolate bar with all the trimmings you could think of, delicious cupcakes. Not to mention, an iridescent Photo Booth, surrounded by confetti and fully stocked with accessories… be still my heart! I had a great time with my friend Malia, taking photobooth photos together in between catching up and sampling from the hot chocolate bar!

    Over the past year I have had the opportunity to get to know Bri and have been completely floored by her generosity, kindness, and talent. I was able to do a few photoshoots for her brand this year and it has definitely been a career highlight - being able to work with such a gorgeous person, inside and out, makes it even more of a dream come true!

    Do you have any holiday parties lined up, or have you already gone to some? I'd love to hear all about it!

    I'm Wearing:
    Motel Rocks Dress *
    Smashbox Maneater Lipstick *

    Last Minute Luxury Gift Guide

    Tuesday, December 19, 2017

    One of my very favorite kinds of gifts to give and receive are those ones that make you feel like a million bucks but you can't quite justify using except for special occasions. My mother and sister are especially guilty of doing this - so naturally those things are my very favorite thing to get them! Here is a guide to some of my very favorite "pamper yourself" gifts that you can pick up last minute for your friends, family - or you ;)

    Sugarpill Nail Polish
    I truly can't stop singing the praises for Sugarpill Cosmetics - created by one of the sweetest, most infectious ladies I've ever had the pleasure of chatting with, Amy Doan - Sugarpill more then lives up to their adorable packaging and charismatic founder. I adore their 5-free, cruelty free and vegan formula for nail polishes - and when I bought some for my friend Lauren, they loved them too!

    Sheet/Face Mask
    One of my most favorite wind down activities, by yourself or with friends, will always be throwing on a face mask! Whether it be a moisturizing cream mask or sheet mask, I feel like you can't go wrong giving or receiving a calming, nourishing mask!

    The Sheet Mask: TONYMOLY I'm Real Rose Hydrating Mask Sheet
    The Deep Cleaning Mask: Pixi Glow Mud Mask
    The Moisturizing Mask: Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

    Bath Bombs/Bar
    After admiring Lush products from afar for years, I finally was able to try them for myself! There is nothing like relaxing in a pink or blue hued warm bath to soothe your muscles and mind!

    Ever since I was little, watching my mom put on perfume, I've felt like putting on perfume was such a luxurious final touch to getting ready. I love wearing perfumes and being flooded with memories of the past adventures I've had while wearing that perfume - and I feel like it would be such a meaningful and thoughtful gift to give! I am currently working on a in-depth post about my favorite perfumes and why, but here's some of my favorites!

    My Top Picks:
    Prada Candy
    Marc Jacobs Daisy
    YSL Parisienne

    Image of me taken behind the scenes for a Darling Distraction photoshoot.

    Rewind: Lazy Daisy

    Tuesday, November 21, 2017

    We are well into November with very few peaks of the sun here in Oregon - but let's rewind a bit to the beautiful sunny, summery day I took these photos! Having just shot a few lookbook images for the lovely Bri at Little Arrow, I took my time amidst the flowers and stunning greenery at the rose garden to get some snaps of my outfit!

    This summer my childhood love for denim pieces was reawoken! Slowly I have been finding myself drawn to pieces like high waisted flare jeans and this denim top - it reminds me of balmy summer days as a kid, daisy chains, and spending my afternoons climbing trees. Now, I'm on the hunt for a good pair of high waisted black jeans - I have been eyeing up a pair from R13 👀

    I accessorized the look with my go-to bangles from Little Arrow and this super fun Skinnydip London purse that has quickly become my absolute favorite!

    TOP: c/o Unique Vintage JEANS: H&M BRACELETS: c/o Little Arrow
    DAISY CUP: Urban Outfitters BAG: Skinnydip London

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