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Baking Recipes to Try

Monday, March 30, 2020

Psst: hover over me!

One thing that has been making me smile? It seems like a lot of us are taking comfort in baking these days, myself included! I have loved seeing my friends proudly sharing their successful banana breads bakes and swapping recipes. This Focaccia recipe has been calling my name, but yeast has been selling out everywhere, so I will not be joining the many who are currently baking their own breads... Instead, I've found myself daydreaming about learning how to bake beautiful desserts, think bright citrus cakes, glazed donuts, or comforting cherry pies. I thought I would share the recipes I've been saving and planning to tackle myself, in case any of you are also itching to bake more!

The First Mermaidens Baking Project

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I'M WEARING: Mimili top (*), American Apparel Jeans NEL IS WEARING: Mimili dress (*), F21 cardigan

Haphazard mishaps in the kitchen have led me and my sister to fear attempting any serious baking. Seeing HP’s x360 Behind The Scenes video, where several artists collaborate on an interactive music video, was so inspiring - and reminded me that taking creative chances with others can lead to exciting, unexpected results! I highly recommend watching this innovative video if you are in need of inspiration!

Itching to work on a creative collaboration myself - I turned to my sister Nel, who I've wanted to appear on Mermaidens for ages but never been able to talk her into appearing on my blog until now! When thinking about what it would look like if we were to bend the rules like they did in the video, the first thing we thought of was taking on a baking project that would intimidate us! We grew up loving mermaids and sea-life as children, so doing an elaborate aquatic cake was the kind of thing we would have loved to do when we were young.

We baked two confetti cakes, stacked them, and frosted with a sea-foamy blue-green to represent the ocean. I then used my HP x360 laptop as a tablet to scour Pinterest for inspiration - we were immediately taken by pearlescent accents like seashells and candies. Putting the cake together, I got more and more excited and our ideas became more elaborate - like arranging strawberry Pocky to suggest coral reefs!

The cake turned out much better than we thought and much closer to our original vision than any other previous baking attempts! My sister and I really play off each other well, and we both loved the end result! It even tasted amazing…! <3 What was your biggest baking project?

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