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Picnic with Anastasjia

Monday, July 3, 2017

May was a very traumatic month for my family and me, but following a string of hardships, I was delighted to spend the day with Anastasjia, her boyfriend Ashton, and their darling dog, Caesar! After thrifting and drinking smoothies, we snacked on strawberries in the middle of the park in the sunshine. Catching up with Anastasjia and cuddling Caesar was like a much needed balm that soothed my soul and was the perfect way to kick off my summer. Anastasjia is such a beautiful soul, inside and out - after only 15 minutes in her presence, my face hurt from smiling, laughing, and talking so much... she has that effect on people! Also, how precious is her vintage strawberry suspender skirt? Perfection! Here's to more sunny days filled with delicious fruit, wonderful company, and darling dogs... ♡

ASOS dress, picnic Basket * (a gift from LancĂ´me that I finally had an occasion to use!)

Me trying not to burst into laughter (it didn't work)

The Enchanted Forest with Anastasjia

Monday, September 19, 2016

Two Saturdays ago, I spent the dreamiest afternoon with Anastasjia Louise and her boyfriend Ashton exploring the Enchanted Forest - a storybook inspired theme park! We have so much in common, and Anastasjia, Ashton, and I spent the entire way there and back laughing, smiling, and singing until my voice hurt!

At the park, we spent the day taking lots of pictures, exploring the park (thus my sneakers, please excuse them - THERE WAS LOTS OF HIKING...), riding a roller coaster (which was surprisingly scary oh my goodness), and Anastasjia and I got mistaken for part of the park - multiple times!

So excited for future hangouts and *still* on cloud 9 from such a perfect day! ♡

(Excuse my goofy face here and just look at Anastasjia haha)

DRESS: c/o Samantha Pleet BERET: c/o Miss Patina SOCKS: F21

Thank you Ashton for the photos!
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