Six Women and Their Signature Scents

Friday, January 31, 2020

After working on the My Favorite Perfumes post, I found the experience of researching and painting perfumes just wet my appetite for more! Aching to learn about and try more beloved perfumes, I decided to ask some of my friends what perfume they consider their signature scent, and what makes it so meaningful to them.

I had such a great time compiling this list and interviewing such incredible people, and this just reaffirms my love for perfume. It's such a meaningful and intensely personal experience! From a fashion designer, to a screenwriter, to a ballerina - here are 5 signature scents as unique and multi-layered as the people that wear them.

Chau / Nomenclature Holy_Wood
Name: Chau
Occupation: Luxury Communications
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Signature Fragrance: Holy_Wood by Nomenclature
Top Notes:
Why It's Chau's Favorite:
"Sandalwood is always a go-to for me as a primary note in fragrances, with an earthiness that lingers moments beyond being a subtle show of presence. Added with a touch of florals (rose and jasmine), there’s a sense of mystery to this unique scent that I adore that explodes with both a masculine and feminine combination."

Esther / D.S. & DURGA Debaser
Name: Esther
Occupation: Fashion Designer
Location: Georgia, US
Signature Fragrance: Debaser by D.S. & DURGA
Notes: Fig, Iris, Coconut Milk
Why It's Esther's Favorite:
"I grew up surrounded by wild fields, full of overgrown thistles, golden rods, and chicory in rural Indiana. It’s labeled as a summer scent, but it reminds me of those golden rods as they start to dry out and turn the loveliest color of auburn and sprout little white flower puffs in November. All you need is a finger dab behind the ears and you’ll be walking through those fields all day as those flower puffs dust your clothes! Also, the package design is truly swoon worthy–imagine if Dr. Seuss was a Modern Minimalist."

Ginngi / Doll by Mondo Mondo
Name: Ginngi
Occupation: Screenwriter
Signature Fragrance: Doll by Mondo Mondo
Top Notes: Bulgarian rose, rose de mai, saffron, musk
Why It's Ginngi's Favorite:
"The first time I smelled Doll was on a whim; It was summer in New York, and my friend and I had stopped in a small shop. I took it upon myself to explore the perfumes, and Doll smelled like everything I wanted. Described as a hot, sweaty, electric rose that will conjure an undeniable nostalgia for being a little brat with notes of Bulgarian rose, rose de Mai, saffron, and musk, I became obsessed with it and all that it represented. My friend and I eventually left, but the memory of the scent did not. As a lover of all things floral, especially roses, it was perfection. It was a year or so later that I managed to remember the name and purchased the little perfumed oil for myself. I haven't looked back since."

Chanel N°5

Name: Natalie Varnum
Occupation: Ballerina
Signature Fragrance: Chanel N°5
Top Notes: Aldehydes, Jasmine, Neroli, Sandalwood
Why It's Natalie's Favorite:
"I have a bottle that was my moms. Not only do I love the sent but whenever I have a special role or performance coming up I use that special sent for a little extra love and luck. It helps me feel like a strong woman."

Kailey / Miu Miu L'eau Rosée
Name: Kailey
Occupation: Content Creator
Location: Oregon, US
Signature Fragrance: L'eau Rosée by Miu Miu
Top Notes:
Why It's Kailey's Favorite:
Arrestingly bright and fresh, L'eau Rosée has sharp citrus dancing a pas de deux with dewy lily-of-the-valley. The crystal clear bottle features a Miu Miu trademark: a matelassé pattern encasing the blush pink juice contained within. I really love this one - the mingling of crisp and blossoming notes make me think of a spring morning - when you open the window, inviting chill air and floral smells to dwell inside.

Calliope / Tom Ford Lost Cherry & Amouage Sunshine Woman
Name: Calliope Bridge
Occupation: Artist/ Fashion designer/ Romance Detective!
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Signature Fragrance: Lost Cherry by Tom Ford and Sunshine Woman by Amouage
Top Notes: Lost Cherry: Black Cherry, Cherry liqueur, Bitter Almonds Sunshine Woman: Artemisia, Black Currant, Almond

Why They're Calliope's Favorites:
Lost Cherry by Tom Ford
"In another life I would have loved to be a 'Nose' but to be honest I would need many lives to do all the things I want to do... I love this scent, I don’t own it yet, but I am chasing a decant. The top note is such a spicy, syrupy, black cherry smell, I just want to eat it! On the surface it’s fun and flirty with an underpinning of mystery. Sadly the top note doesn’t last as long as I would like, but it does have beautiful middle florals and woody base notes, that are a common theme with perfumes I enjoy, giving it a lovely depth that makes it all the more more alluring. I am the kind of person who will always ask enthusiastically for more cherries in my drinks, so it’s a winner for me!"

Sunshine Woman by Amouage
"I was after this fragrance for a while. I own a 5ml decant, but like Lost Cherry, I can’t afford the whole one. It’s a bit of a luxury for me, but to be honest, I don’t go through perfumes that fast either, I like to think a little goes a long way.

This scent has a spirit of summer about it and the name “Sunshine” is apt. its lovely apricot jamy osmanthus top notes are heady and sweet and are evened out by its woody base notes, the fresh tobacco and a subtle juniper. It conjures to my imagination an orchard near the ocean and hot breezy summer nights dancing circles with strange creatures, like an old illustration."


  1. Ahh, these are all so lovely! My personal favorite has always been Chanel No.5. I need to try these other perfumes out. They all sound sooo lovely especially the Miu Miu L'eau Rosée!

    Regina/ Margarita Bloom Beauty Brand

    1. Eee thank you so much Margarita, it genuinely makes me so happy to know you enjoyed this post ;__; I was also super intrigued by all of their choices and want to try every single one now haha! Sending you love <3

  2. These all sound so lovely! And it's such a vast array of scents too, I feel so basic with my Bath and Body Works fragrances lol I really like how each scent seems to perfectly match the person ♡

    1. You aren't basic at all dear! It is true that fragrances can be difficult to obtain for a whole host of reasons, so if you found one that suits you, no matter the price point or where it's from, I say good on you! For example, I had some random strawberry body spray from the mall and it was my favorite for years :'3 I felt like the scent perfectly matched each person as well, and made this post such a joy to compile. Thank you for stopping by! <3


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