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Autumn Goals List

Friday, November 1, 2019

As much as I love seeing the leaves turn dazzling shades of crimson and marigold - time passage always makes me a little sad as we inch closer and closer to the bitter cold of winter. To combat this, I decided to create a list of goals for autumn - and hopefully help take full advantage of the beautiful season!

Bake a Pumpkin Pie
Fall always makes me think of warm spices, pies, and cakes - I feel like it's the perfect season to bake more! And after taking to twitter to lament the intimidating particulars of pie crust and getting so many encouraging replies - I've been feeling more capable of tackling a long time goal of making a pumpkin pie! I definitely plan on making a pie crust from scratch - but to start, I think I’m goin to buy a pre-made crust, and then get fancy with the filling to compensate...

Rings, Temporary Tattoos, Headbands, Oh My!: Current Favorites

Saturday, October 26, 2019

These days, no doubt inspired by the changing seasons, I'm feeling like my style is going through a metamorphoses of it's own! As always, I'm drawn to highly romantic pieces - but this time, with a more dainty and elegant twist. Here's a look at what I've been loving, and what's on my wishlist!

Starting this year, I've found myself gravitating towards jewelry like never before - dainty pieces in silver and golds decorate all of my moodboards. I've been on the hunt for the perfect pieces, and currently I have my eye on these super pretty rings! I can't get over how jewelry can change the tone of the entire ensemble - looking back, I feel like all my outfits have been missing a piece (or two)...

Another dainty, romantic accessory I've been loving? Headbands! My friend Saffron pointed out to me the headband trend and I've been in love ever since - I recently bought these pearl headbands and have my eye on a padded, princessy looking one next!

Temporary Tattoos
Frankly speaking, sometimes it can be hard to look at oneself kindly. One thing I've been doing to attempt to combat that is covering my body in temporary tattoos! My favorites are by Paperself and Tattly. Adding a temporary tattoo to a place I feel self-conscious about has genuinely been helping my self image - after all, how could you hate a part of yourself covered in pretty flowers? Now if only I could decide on a permeant tattoo design...! Any suggestions for me?

Hair Clips
This year, hair clips blew up in a very big way. I know trends are infamously fleeting, but I'm the type of person who will wear trendy pieces forever if I love something - and I don't see myself getting sick of them any time soon! I really love the pearl ones for a very sweet look - though the nostalgic, snap hair clips remind me of my childhood and are so fun!

Other things I've been loving? Lights Up by Harry Styles, Elle Fanning's custom Gucci princess gown, cheese danishes, coffee, and The Bon Appetit Youtube channel. What are you currently loving?

Colder Weather Wishlist

Thursday, November 9, 2017


1. Mustard Skirt ♡ 2. Striped Blouse ♡ 3. Burgundy Cross Body Bag
4. Romeo and Juliet ♡ 5. Velvet Bow

Now that we are well into November, it's getting harder and harder to get away with wearing my go to uniform (short dress, thin tights) and the grey skies are definitely getting me down! So I've assembled a little wishlist centered around my favorite part of Fall and Winter: the clothing!

For Fall, I have been incorporating more rich tones into my wardrobe - think emerald, burgundy, navy, and my favorite lately, mustard. I envisioned visiting a cute bookstore for the above look, and would definitely pair this look with chunky tights and a cute coat for added warmth!


1. Faux Fur Pink Coat ♡ 2. Midnight Star Purse ♡ 3. Ear Muffs
4. Queen of Hearts Sunglasses ♡ 5. Pom Pom Flats

For winter, I always default back to my favorite - pastels! For the snow bunny effect ;) I couldn't find a photo that encapsulated what I was going for, so I just used an old outfit of my own as an example! If you know me, you know my penchant for pastel faux fur and pointed flats (preferably with pom poms) - and I wanted to add an extra element of magic with this sparkly purse and super cute earmuffs!

What pieces will you be wearing this Fall and Winter? I'm all ears! ♡

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